May 25, 2010
By Keisha Thomas BRONZE, Hanover, Maryland
Keisha Thomas BRONZE, Hanover, Maryland
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As a child Crystal always wanted to perform on the big stage. She wanted to travel the world, see the bright lights, and for people to know her name. She would smile just dreaming about her future as it was all she ever wanted. Her crazy and drunken father would dismiss these dreams as a waste of time, while her mother would convince her to dream big! Crystal moved to New York City at the age of 22 hoping to make her way to the top. However times were different now, her mom, the only one who ever believed in her passed away when she was 18, and used this as motivation. This long road to fame and fortune was tougher than she thought. The older guys in their forties with rough beards who she wanted a record deal from did not respect her talent, but only saw her for her outer-beauty. They would sweet talk her making nicknames for her such as "Angel, Sunshine, and Lovely." What was supposed to be business for her, turned into pleasure for them. However Crystal never lost sight of her true love for music and dismissed anyone who would not respect her as a woman or a talented artist. Always keeping faith, she eventually was able to get a deal of a lifetime to which she said "yes" to. Next thing you know she was travelling to Paris, Asia, and many other countries. Closets filled with pink, purple, green, blue, and yellow dresses that were shipped from the most remote corners of Europe. Something was missing however. She wanted someone to adore her, love her, she wanted true love. No guy was ever able to give this to her, not even her father. She realized that that she was truly missing sweet love in her life, which could never be replaced by anyone but her own mom, as she was her sweet pea.

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