May 19, 2010
I’m going to have a hard time explaining this to Norman, thought Denny as he gloomily glided down the glittering rain covered avenue. His mind racing, stressing about the fact that he was going have to share more bad news with little brother Norman. All his life, he only wanted the best for his baby brother, Norman had only lived a short fifteen years and had not seen a bright one since he was very little. Denny and Norman were the product of Sydney and Denise Whitman, a very young couple trying to find some love in the hard world. On August the sixth of 1990 Denny was born into an almost staving family of two uncaring hippies. (The sixty’s were not very good to them.) Five years later, Denny swore that it was the greatest thing that ever happened to him, Norman was born to not so proud parents, but a ecstatic brother. For much of their live their parents were nowhere to be found. Their parents were always fighting when they were sober and the other half of the time they spent wallowing in their self piety by drinking themselves into a deep sleep. Denny learned at a young age to fend for himself and take care of his baby brother, living in the dangerous neighborhood of Harlem, they faced their threat death every day. Denny only wanted, all of his life, to make his little brother happy. He was never very interested in girls and had absolutely no interest in school. He started working at age seven to bring home some food for his little brother and his unthankful parents. For a couple years Denny held a steady job at a local gas station, that was until his mother died of an accidental overdose and soon after his father left them. They were both instituted into foster car but neither of them liked it very much. When Denny finally turned eighteen he applied for guardianship of his baby brother but he was denied due to the fact that he could barely make enough to live. But Norman has been leaving his foster parents every time he gets them and goes to find his older brother in the city. Denny stopped for a second at the street corner only to be brought back to the fact the he again had to tell his brother that they might eat for a couple days because his employer got rid of him in the faltering economy. Denny stroked his long dark hair and looked into the star less sky, “God why must my life be so hard?” He questioned, “Why is when things seem to go my way things simply fall apart?” tears started to spill from his long green eyes, he watched them as the hit the pavement and blended in with the raindrops. “Denny?” peeped a small voice from behind him, he turned to face his also dark haired green eyed little brother. He wiped his tears away quickly a longed for the words to tell his brother what had happened but the cold air simply took his breath. “Denny, are you okay?”

“No brother, I’m sorry but…. I have more bad news…”
“I know, I was there, I’ve been following you….It’s okay we’ll be alright”
Denny lifted his eyes to meet his brothers and gave the best smile that he could fathom, he reached out his hand and took his brothers. His warm hand made him feel comfortable, they continued on down the dark streets to a old underpass where they had been sleeping. They both were tired and so the made themselves comfortable and laid down to sleep. Norman fell asleep quickly and gently breathed in and out, Denny stayed awake watching his little brother, he had never loved another person as much as he loved his baby brother. He turned again to face a starless sky and stared into its vast depths. Good night baby brother, I love you. The light lights of a passing airplane caught his loving eyes, he really could have used a wish right then, he looked and pretended that that small airplane was a shooting star and wished for a better life for his brother and him and drifted of to sleep silently weeping to himself as he usually did. Little did Denny know his luck was about to change.

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Poetry4Ever said...
Jun. 1, 2010 at 12:03 pm
I really like it....Can u read some of mine and comment? This was really inspiring.....
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