Dead and Gone

May 18, 2010
By Tacy Fell BRONZE, Simla, Colorado
Tacy Fell BRONZE, Simla, Colorado
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I feel this sharp pain in my stomach, could it be something that I ate, but it seems worse and not quite as acidic. I rub my stomach and feel a pain again. This time it’s like nothing has ever happened. For the first time I see a heavy mist all around me. I walk forward little by little, and think to myself, how in the world I got here. The last thing I remember is riding in my boyfriend’s car and then nothing, absolutely nothing. A flash of red light comes through the mist and I finally walk out from the thickness. I’m standing by a tree now that cames out of the blue, and then I see where the red light is caming from, a cop car, no three cop cars. Two cops walk right by me, they don’t even acknowledge me, not even a glimpse in my direction. If it is important and so terrible that the cops are fretting around, then why did they not tell me to leave? I decide to go in the direction that they walked. When I get to what is causing the commotion, there are people taking pictures, analyzing, measuring, and even standing around with serious faces and talking to one another. I then saw a human limb that, a leg, and a stiletto that has a heel snapped off. It’s a body, a dead body. I want to see who it is. Being in the small town that is quite away from big cities, you get to know practically everyone. God, I hope that it’s not someone that I know. But I must know. So I slowly go towards the unknown body. I finally see the whole body and see that there is a stab wound in the female’s body. Her hair is covering her face, until the wind blows it off.
I’m stunned, how can this be, no, no, no, It’s me. I’m the one that is being investigated and laying on the ground still as bone fish. I can’t look at this any longer. I turn around and start to feel tears well up in my eyes. Everything is moving in slow motion and my mind is blank, not a thought at all. But then I hear a sobbing to my left. I look over to see my mother and father by their car, talking to a cop about my death. I run over to comfort them. “Mom it will be alright, I’m alright, Daddy please listen to me.” Not a word comes from them, and more tears come to my face. Again I turn away. My walk turns into a jog, my jog turns into a run, and then it turns into a sprint. I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t know why.
No I do know where I’m going. I know exactly who killed me. He did, my boyfriend. I remember the car ride. He pulled over. I asked what we were doing and he didn’t speak, then he grabed my hair violently, polled me out of the car. He yelled at me the whole way, but the words clashed together and I couldn’t understand him. He then pushed me into the ditch and I tripped over myself- braking my heel- rolling over, head over heels. He came with a furious step in my direction, and flipped out a knife like he was in a gang. Was it something that I said? It must have been, for he said, “How do you even think? You are so stupid, that you think that I’m stupid.” He then pulled me up again by my hair. “You are the dumbest.” Then a pain came to my stomach, I looked down and saw that he stabbed me. I fell to the ground with my eyes still open and I saw him walking away from me with no remorse for what he had done and drove off in that stupid Red Ferrari that he cared for more than me! I stop in my tracks for that stupid shooting pain cames back to my stomach but I do not want to stop. Since I am dead I’m going to have neither remorse nor the fear of going to jail! He’s going to pay for the lives that he hurt outside of my own.
A few miles later and I don’t feel fatigued in any way. His house is in front of my eyes and I became so angry that I don’t even know what happens. When day light comes I realize that I don’t have to go home, that I won’t get in trouble for being home so late. I start to walk by a technical store and the televisions are on, and the news is playing.
“Braking news. Seventeen year old Gunner Tublen was found in his room last night dead. No one knows what happened to him. It is even a mystery to the coroner who performed the autopsy. We will be back with you on that story later on…” I start to walk away with satisfaction and a mischievous smile. I may have lost the first battle but I am not going to go without a fight. Then a flash of bright light cames before me…

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