Office Hero

May 17, 2010
By Chad_Koop BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Chad_Koop BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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The first day that Stephen started his internship at Brown & Brown, the local law firm, he felt out of place. He had always wanted the position, but once he actually got it he felt inadequate. Stephen got along with almost everyone in the office except Bill, who was probably around 60 or 65 years old, and a senior partner at the firm. What bothered Stephen was Bill’s attitude of, I’m better than everyone else cause I’m more experienced. Of course Bill wouldn’t outright say that, but he was sending a strong message by the way he carried himself around the office. Bill was the kind of guy who couldn’t make a pass through the office without making a short and snide remark to someone. He wasn’t even sure if anyone liked him, no one ever showed his or her disgust at his antics, because he was not the type of guy whose bad side you wanted to be on. Some how in some way, Stephen had gotten on Bill’s bad side. Maybe he disagreed with Bill or inadvertently questioned his authority, who knows, now Stephen just had to deal with it.

Because Stephen had been working there for a few months, Bill came to recognize what he could do to get under Stephen’s skin, or “push his buttons”. Stephen found ways to ignore the taunting and childish pestering that occurred throughout the course of the day, but one day he had just had enough.

“What the hell Bill?!?!” shouted Stephen, after one of Bill’s never ceasing and obnoxious remarks.

“Excuse me?” Bill responded, “Do you really think you can talk to me like that?”.

“Oh come on. You know you treat all of us ten times worse than just a small amount of back talk,” interjected Stephen.

“Look son, I’m older than you, I’ve been working in these offices for over 20 years. I deserve your respect.”

“Bill, no one here is trying to undermine your authority or go behind your back. We realize you’ve been working here for far longer than us and out rank us, but that doesn’t give you the right to treat us like we’re worthless.” Stephen calmly responded.

Bill lowered his voice and said, “Your right, I’m sorry, I’ll do my best to treat you right.”

After this Stephen couldn’t move, all that was running through his mind was did I really just say that? How do I still have a job? The office was in a state of shock and amazement as Bill walked back to his office. Stephen sat down in his chair and contemplated the events that had just transpired.

From then on Bill was respectful to his coworkers and treated them more like friends then inferiors. When Stephen first started his internship he thought this could never have happened, and now he sat at his desk with the unofficial title of “office hero”.

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