May 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Lightning crashes and an
old man falls to the floor.
His heart is going out
like a candle that’s been
lit one time too many.
Hopeless and scared in the dark.
The angel opens her eyes;
confusion is let in
before one can go.
Lightning crashes and a woman cries.
Her placenta falls to the floor.
Leaving only her air.
Feel all tensions broken out loud.
The angel closes her eyes.
The confusion is still there.
The dark night, our only shield
and hue of hope.
Oh lord I feel it.
I feel the burden
crashing down on my head.
It’s coming again like a slow leaf in the wind.
I can feel it. Lightning crashes children cry.
This moment I’ve been waiting for.
The angel opens her eyes.
Oh those colored eyes
present the only solitude here.
I can feel it running
back again and again.
When that looking glass
Keeps your memory in check

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