May 15, 2010
By AlysonM SILVER, Clinton, Iowa
AlysonM SILVER, Clinton, Iowa
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She sits in the back of the room and she doesn't talk. She speaks, but only inaudible sounds. The teacher asks and she answers. In a whisper that's much quieter than a whisper. Loud enough that just maybe, their ear will catch that small sound, maybe. And they hear, but only a moment before they forget. Never believing it could have been Her; because She doesn't speak. She has nothing to say. The teachers don't care. Teachers don't care about Her and those like her. Teachers like her and hate her. Behind this are simple reasons; they don't have time to care. No one has time to care about Her. She doesn't speak; at least not enough for them to care. She is, and her voice is, inaudible.

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