May 15, 2010
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Here I am, at my balcony on top of the condominium. 9:00 pm on my watch, cars honking below. The cold breezy air whips my face, throwing my long hair behind. What a nice way to spend a Friday night. After along week of hard-work, and another long weeks coming, I want to escape the world for a moment. Just once.

All of my troubles seems to pass away. I’m here, all alone, high on top. I look above me. I saw a dark black mantle covering the sky. Sparkling dots scattered around that blanket, and surrounding a white celestial being that sparkles brighter than the stars. I close my eyes taking it all in. The warmth sparkle of the stars, the darkness the sky offers, and the illumination of the moon. For a moment I forgot all my troubles, the pain and soreness was washed away. In that solemn moment, relief, happiness, and hope immersed my bones.

My eyes opened and I was, again engulfed in the wonderful world of celestial bodies.

Then to my surprise a fast moving, fiery ball crossed my vision. A shooting star!! I closed my eyes and made a wish. Hmmm….. What to wish for? I have many things I want to have. Then I dug deep within me. What do I really want? Then like a sudden lightning through the sky, I got it!

First I opened my eyes a bit just to check if the star is still there, and it is almost fading cause its too fast. I shut my eyes and willed the star to grant my wish.

After a few seconds I opened my eyes. Nothing happened.

Maybe I really lost it. I mean seriously, who goes around wishing on some stupid star. Maybe I’m just really desperate. I’m really losing it. Really, how could one little star bring something back to life. Someone gone. Someone I love.

With a sigh I stood up and started to walk back in, when cold breeze went pass me, throwing my hair and nightgown upward. Slowly I turned around. Everything went back to normal.

I gazed at the stars on last time before entering the threshold.

That night I couldn’t sleep. Something’s bothering me. I keep on tossing and turning on my bed. I looked at my watch, it reads 11:45pm. Frustrated, I got up and opened my window.

Everything is peaceful and quiet. I look above, and suddenly I understood. I don’t know how but just by stargazing a part of me just knew.

Smiling, I went back inside, nuzzled my pillow and went back to sleep.

But before I fully fall in to a deep slumber, I risked a glance at my window and saw a black butterfly perched on top of my windowsill.

A smiled again and fell asleep. This time without interruptions.

Cause you know, a star may not be able to grant your wish completely but it can take you halfway. And for me, its enough.

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rainbowdotz said...
Sept. 13, 2010 at 7:35 am
a very pretty piece of imaginative master piece!! way to go!!!
perenelleboomslang16 said...
Aug. 11, 2010 at 7:19 am
I really love this, kristine. it's awesome. :-bd >:D<
fallinsienneSRD replied...
Aug. 17, 2010 at 7:47 am
Yeah!! i totally agree!! its totally awesome!!!
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