May 17, 2010
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I’m hovering at the edge of sleep and I’m drifting, but right before the darkness can take me I’m awakened by the roar of a motorcycle…..
I whip around looking for something, and then I see it. Sitting there looking pretty, I rub my hand over the glossy paint and sigh. Then I hear a man’s voice call out over the roar of the bike.
“Hey, you gonna sit there and wish you could marry your bike or what?” I stare at the man confused; he wasn’t talking to me, was he? Just then words came out of my mouth, in a voice that was defiantly not my own.
“Already married honey, you just wish it was you.” I teased back, tossing my golden hair back. What was I thinking right now? Oh, right. I shouted at him, “Hey what’s your name?” He looked me up and down.
“Tell you what,” he started,”how ‘bout you and me race? The winner can find out the losers name and pay for drinks.” He flashed me a smile on the last part.
“Alright your on, but don’t cry when I beat you, kay?”
“You are so cocky Miss; I should be saying the last part.”
We went back to our bikes and jumped on. The people in the bar had already come out and had heard the last part of our exchange.They were getting excited at the prospect of a race. I thought over the race course and told him. God this was going to be good, but I do have to admit that I was being a hustler right now. I mean, who goes out to get a bike and doesn’t get the best? I turned the engine on and my baby purred to life. I looked over to the other guy and saw him looking at my bike appreciatively. A girl had walked out between us and held up a flag she probably got off the bar.
I was focused now, everything except the flag faded out of view. It was just me, my bike, and the blacktop waiting for the flag to drop. The flag waved and we were off! Everything turned into a blur and I felt the wind rush though my hair as I speed past building after building of old downtown. Then we on the bridge and I looked over the rail and saw the milky moon winking at me from behind her curtains. Then I was crossing the speed bump into the bar lot and people were cheering. The other guy pulled up behind me a couple of seconds behind. I looked back to see his smiling face.
“You’re good, and I do believe you won so here.” He handed me a business card that had his name on it.
“Adrian Scott, at your service,” He said with his hand out, “and I do believe I owe you a drink.”
“Liberio Manasula.”
As I was reaching out for his hand I began to hear music in the background, then I was hovering again woke up to find myself back in my room. I was still a 14 year old girl with school in the morning. I was not a 5’7 long legged, 27 year old German beauty anymore. So I got up and went to school

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Rachie_P. said...
May 31, 2010 at 8:08 pm
comments are welcome! feedback is cucial to better story making
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