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May 18, 2010
By , Arlington, VA
It was a cold, sad winter day. The sound of the wind whistling was the only sound I could hear other than the cockroaches squirming on the floor. It was kind of chilly inside because of the window was broken from a baseball some kid threw while playing a game of baseball. Mom says she can’t afford to fix it until the end of winter. I don’t believe her; she always says she’ll do something and then fails to get it done.
It was 3:30 now. John was usually at my house by three because every day John and I go to the rec. to shoot some hoops. It really wasn’t like John to be late. Heck, he usually came early. I think he comes early because us shooting hoops is the only fun he has all day. His parents are always getting into fights and don’t really seem to care about him. Sometimes he doesn’t even go home. He would just go sleep in the park. His parents probably wouldn’t care at all. My family is nice enough to let him stay with us some-times when it’s really cold outside.
All out of a sudden I heard three knocks on the old door. It was obvious who was at the door. It was John. John always knocked three times when he came to our house. I don’t know why he does that. Maybe he just likes the number three or something. When I opened the door he quickly ran in and jumped onto the sofa. John looked like he was in shock! His face was sweating with fear. His shirt had something red on it, and then it hit me; that red stuff was blood. He was trying to cover it up with his hands but it was clear he wasn’t doing a good job of hiding it. “What happened?” I demanded.
“I...I fell,” he said softly. I could tell he was lying because whenever he lies, he moves one of his knees up and down rapidly.
“Boy, don’t lie to me! If you don’t tell me the truth this instant then I won’t help you with that cut of yours that you’re trying to hide.”
“A’ight dawg, chill. But before I tell you, you’ve got to help me with this cut I’ve got.” I took off to the kitchen to get some things for his cut. I found the bottle that my mom puts on me when I get bad cuts. But then again, I never had a cut that bad. The bottle wasn’t labeled because it peeled of over time. I think it was alcohol. One time I took a sip thinking it was the liquor alcohol, but I found out it wasn’t the hard way. Within a half hour I was out cold and in the hospital. Don’t want to do that again. After I patched up his boo-boo He started telling me what happened and how he got that cut.
“So today, before I came to your place, I felt hungry so I decided to hit up the McDonalds down the street and grab a cheeseburger. So I was walking down the street and I see this old women getting robbed. I would’ve just keep walking, but then it struck me that the old lady was my god mother. So I ran over as fast as I can to try to help. Right when I got their I stole the big guy in the face, and believe me, he wasn’t too happy about that. His lip was gushing with fresh blood. I could my god mother getting out her pepper spay and then I saw her spray it in the thugs face. He ran away probably to go wash his fiery eyes out. As I was turning around to pay some more attention to the other guy, he quickly stabbed with his three inch switch blade.

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