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May 18, 2010
By JMackk123 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
JMackk123 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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I woke up this morning ready for school. I jumped out of the bed with the usual gusto and I drove to school. I was walking to my 12:40 class when I saw her, the new transfer student. She looked stunning, as all girls do when the sun kisses their face correctly. I thought that I would give it a shot. So I walked up to her and said " Hi, my name is..." I stopped because she was looking down at her book. When she looked up to seee that I was standing there she looked startled. So I tried again. " Hi, my name is Daniel, do you need help to class?" She looked at me then pointed to her paper. It was here schedule. She waved and walked past me. "Wait!" I yelled, but she must have ignored me. I ran up to her and tapped her. She turned around. " Why did you run away?" I
asked. She scribbled something on her paper. I don't speak any English, the paper read. She gave me the pen and paper to respond. I noticed that she wrote in English, so why can't she speak it. I wrote, what language do you speak then?, she responded, Sign Language. I gasped. At first I felt pity. She must have read my face because she wrote down, 'You have nothing to worry about. I am lacking nothing.' I responded, 'I know.' I always thought that people who had some type of disability or ailment wouldn't be able to function in society, but this beautiful girl proved me wrong. Her confidence and smile alone dispelled those myths. This made me want to go out with her even more. So I asked, no, wrote her. She looked at me and after a few moments she shook her head yes. She wrote 'I will only go out with you if you learn my language.' This time it was my turn to nod. Thank God that He gave me the strength to go up to that girl. We have been married for ten years now. I am glad that I tore the wool of society off of my eyes and saw my wife as who she is in God.

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