Happy Birthday

May 21, 2010
By , Arlington Heights, IL
John: Hey man, I got the stuff you wanted for this weekend.
Gary: Alright for sure. Can we meet up?
John: Yeah dude. 711 at 9:00 tonight. I'll see you there.
Gary: Okay, I'll call you once I get there. Cya then.

I exited my brother's IM box and left his room. I walked down the hall, into my room, got my jacket, wallet, phone, and keys and headed down the stairs to find my mother cooking dinner in the kitchen.

"Mom, I'm going to run errands I'll be back later",
"Sally, it's 8 o'clock on a school night, what could you possible need to run out to get?" My mom asked.
"I need a few things for tomorrow for a project we're doing in Lit." I replied
"Okay sweetie, hurry back."

I walked out the door to get in my car, I looked up at my brother's room window, only to notice him getting ready to leave. I hurried out the driveway to beat him to the desired destination. I parked in a hidden parking spot of the scene to keep my presence a mystery.

"8:45 and still nothing." I said to myself.

I started to dance to my radio to waste time, until I spotted my brother's car pulling up next to another.

"9:00 on the dot. Perfect timing."

I watched the crime, even though I couldn't distinguish what was going on. It's 9:15 now, and my brother is still inside that guy's car. "What could possibly be going on for 15 minutes?" I wondered. Finally, I see the door open and my brother shaking the mystery man's hand and getting back into his car. He left. Now, normally after seeing a deal like that, I would expect someone to follow the person, but not me. I actually had to go get supplies at the closest school supply store to create the illusion I left only to get stuff for school.

By the time I got home, it was 10 o'clock. My brother was in his room all innocent looking. I hate that. He does that to try and cover something bad he did up. I walked in and asked him what was up.

"Nothin', you?" He replied.
"Nothin'. Do you have anything to tell me?" I asked
"Um, no why?" John wondered.
"Are you really going to make this an interrogation or can you just get to it?"
"Sally, I don't understand. What are you talking about?"
"I saw you at the 711, John. What were you doing?" I questioned.
"Oh, you saw that? Sally it wasn't anything I swe-"
"Save it John. I'm telling mom. MMMMOOOOMMMM-" I yelped.
"Shh, it's 10:45, mom's sleeping moron. Nothing bad or illegal was going on." Johnny attitudey said.
"Really, then what was going on?" I wondered.
"What's on Saturday?" John asked.
"My birthday. Why?"
He blankly stared at me until it came to me.
"Exactly, Sally."
"I'm sorry, John. I thought something bad was going on..."
"Well now you know, sis" he said, "Nice going."
"Sorry, John."
"It's Okay"
I walked out of his room, and down the hall into mine to find a new bag of candy waiting on my desk. These aren't even legal in the United States yet. Attached to it there was a note saying: "Happy birthday, sis. I love you<3"

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