Excerpt from Sam Story.

May 20, 2010
When Sam awoke the next morning, Griffin was still sound asleep, lying on his stomach, his legs sprawled out and his head resting on his folded arms. Sam smiled slightly, quietly going to the door and slipping out with the key in hand.

She walked down the hall and punched the arrow on the elevator. Glancing around as she waited, Sam solemnly thought of the…vision, Griffin had had the night before. She couldn’t place it, but she no doubt had the feeling that it would come to pass, and certainly too soon for her liking.

The elevator ‘dinged’, and the one to her left opened, and she stepped inside, searching for the button to the lobby.

Fourteen floors later, Sam stepped out with a yawn, and headed towards the intoxicating smell of breakfast. She quickly filled two cups of coffee and two plates with eggs, bacon and a bagel for each. She went and sat at an empty table, deciding she would eat without him, and then bring his food to him.

She quietly sipped on her coffee, so lost in her thoughts that she failed to notice as a man with dark hair came and sat in the empty seat across from her. Only when he tried to make conversation with her did she come back to the present.

“Excuse me?” she said, glancing at him. Her eyes widened, and she looked around quickly. This man…he followed me! She thought frantically. This man looked exactly like the one on the train, all the way down to the way he greeted her.

“I said, good morning,” he said, pursing his lips and smiling, seemingly not noticing Sam’s clear discomfort and confusion.

“Good…good morning…” she said hesitantly, slowly setting down her cup. She ran a shaky hand through her hair, and glanced at the man, “Did you need something?” she asked, trying to keep the strain from her voice.

The man met her gaze and Sam couldn’t look away. The man’s eyes were as dark as his hair, but fiery flecks seemed to swirl around them, hypnotizing. “Why, yes, actually. You’re Samantha, correct?” he asked, lacing his fingers on the table and leaning forward. Sam was so entranced all she could do was nod slowly. The man nodded in time with her, a devious smile slowly appearing on his face, “Yes, Samantha, I do need something. And you could certainly help me with it.” He said as the hypnotic-like swirls intensified.

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