The Story of a Dead Girl

May 20, 2010

I am not sure what happened, but he got me. I felt like life didn’t start to live again until I found him or maybe he found me. Maybe I was in a slump or dying form the heart out. Dying was a modest word for how I felt before he came along. I felt a spark of light went into me the first time he touched me. It was not just me, it seemed that the whole was a little bit brighter to me. It seem as if he saved me from my self.
My name is Anna Thomas. I was 16, in the eleventh grade and I didn’t know what to do with my life before he for he saved me. My parents didn’t like me all that much then. I felt as if they didn’t care about me. They got divorced about 6 years ago. In that time I have only seen my mom twice. I know what you are thinking; the mom abandons her family in this story. Well that’s kind of what happened. When I was 8 years old I woke up on the morning of Mother’s Day to make her breakfast. When dad woke up and told me she wasn’t in bed we searched around the house and we called her cell phone. She didn’t pick; but it wasn’t just not picking up, it was that she was ignoring our calls. At first we thought it was just a mother’s day joke.

Morning came to night, days pasted, then weeks started to past to and she never came home. I kelp hope until 2 years later when she sent the divorce papers. She actually decided that she wanted to call. I remember the shock and the horror in Dad’s voice as he realized it was her. He yelled, “ Kathy! What Is wrong with you!” Then he left the room so I would not hear him cussing her out. I hung by the door and the last thing He said was, “What, how could you just do us like that, how could you do this!” Then I realized he had talked to her before, ever time he left the room to talk on the phone. Dad and I cried for a bout 2 hours straight. On that day I stopped calling her mom. On that day I lost my self in a pot of misery and depression. On that day I didn’t want to live any more. That day I died.

When the divorce was finalized Dad was empty, broken, and emotionless. I felt like was living in the house alone. Dad stayed in his room 24/7. He was like a music box that got dropped and continued to repay itself over and over again. The only time he came out of his room was to go to work. He worked at a consecution site. That’s where I think he got all his emotions out. He had to get them out some how; he never spoken anymore. I guess after Kathy sent the divorce papers he realized that he was never going to get her back and he as just angry. I knew how he felt because I felt that way. I barely spoke myself, other than to Liana. A year after the papers were signed Kathy sent me a plan ticket in the mail. I assumed that she lived in Tampa, Florida since that’s what the plane ticket said it was sending me, but I did go. I couldn’t handle seeing here lying face again. She did send me a letter though:
“Oh dearest Anna I still love you so very much. I need to live and find my self. I found a new boyfriend if you care. That is why I wanted you to come see me. I think you would have liked him. Don’t ever forget that I will always love you dear.
Love, Kathy Thomas”
I thought to myself, “That all I get is a couple of sentences. I don’t even get I’m sorry for abandoning you when you needed me the most.” Even now I still don’t believe what she said in that letter.

I didn’t have many friends. Most people didn’t like to be around miserable people all the time. I had one best friend, Liana. She has been with me since we were born. She tried to help me though my hardest times. That’s when I think we started drifting apart. She looks like a golden angel. She has brass colored hair that goes all the way down her back. I was more like an Angle that fell to the earth and broke my ankle. I had Dark brown hair, almost black, that went a little bit past my shoulders. Sometime I really don’t know why she hung out with me. If you looked at her she seemed like she should be at the popular table not sitting with a depressed girls. We were never really like the same things. I never really liked sports. I never really went to any of the sporting events. She loved sports; she was a cheerleader. I still don’t know how we stay best friends this long. I think that we are slipping away from each other. I think sooner or later I will be alone.


At that time it to me it seemed that the world was crashing down on me. I remember this one night I woke up screaming from having a nightmare about all the terrible things that happened that year. I ran down and I grabbed a knife and went back up to my room. I sat there for a while and cried a bit. I thought about killing myself but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t just leave my dad like Kathy left us. I went back to sleep till morning. I woke up and I look at the clock. I said to myself, “Late for school!” I throw on some worn jeans and a T- Shirt and dashed down the hallway of my house. I hope in to my car that I paid for myself and headed to school. As I am driving I start thinking of my nightmare last night. Kept having feeling of running the car off the road but I restrain myself so I can get to school.
I walked into the school and past the office. As I walked passed it I saw him. I stared at him for a while until turned around. When he turned around I freaked out and started walking really fast. I almost ran in to a wall. After that I headed off to Chemistry. It was probably half way in to class when he came in to my class. My jaw dropped like I had seen a goats or something. I had a twisted look on my face. The teacher greets him, “ Hello are you our new student.”
“Yeah, my name is Lee Wilson.” He responds
“Well you can that a seat next to Anna”
Of course there was a seat next to me. It’s the one of the only classes that Liana was not in. He walks over to me with a sexy smile on his face. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if I should have spoke or what. He said, “Hi, how are you doing?” All I did stare in amazement for a while. I realized that I was looking stupid so I finally said, “Um hi”
He said, “I’m new here”
“ I can tell because I’ve never seen you around school”
“Yeah I guess that’s pretty obvious”
I giggled and then the bell rang. I shyly walked out of the room and walked to my locker. I stood there and taught for a while but while turned into 5 minutes. I raced to my next period class. Throughout that whole day Lee was all I could think of. I couldn’t control my thoughts. The next day I saw him again and I stopped dead in my tracks. I felt like I was having mini heart attack. He walked pass and said, “ I’ll see you in Chemistry.” I was speechless, I tried to say words but they just wouldn’t come out. I stayed pretty calm until I got to lunch and I saw him again. Liana wasn’t there that day, so I was seating alone. Lee came and sat by me. At first he didn’t thing but then he said, “ how’s it going’.”
I replied, “okay I guess.”
“You know I really want to get to know you better.”
“Why? What is so interesting about me?”
“I don’t know, there’s just something about you that says that you need some body.”
“Oh well nobody has every really want to just to know me.”
“Well you know what? I want to be that somebody.”
I thought that pretty cheesy at first but now I realized that he really was my “somebody.”
I knew it was soon but that was when I thought falling for him. For several months we talked and I told all that happen in my life and I opened up myself to him emotional and physical. After that I went to school for a week and he never showed up. I asked around about where he went. Everyone I asked said that he was moving and he never mentioned it. I was surprised at my self that I didn’t get emotional, even after everything I had been though in my life. I didn’t even shed a tear. I wrote this because now I realize that this happened for a reason. He had saved me right when I needed him. Right when I was I thought I was going crazy. I was dead before I met him. He took all the pain from Kathy leaving my dad and me and gave me something to love. Instead of having nightmares, I have dreams of Lee. Even though he might be gone I now have to power to move on. Now I’m alive and I have a light inside of me and it’s all because of him.

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IamtheStargirl said...
May 26, 2010 at 5:31 pm
This is a really cool idea, but you might want to read through your stories and edit them before you post them. There are quite a few spelling and grammer mistakes. Other than that, this is a really cool story :) I suggest you try writing it again to get all the kinks out.
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