The Big Sad Step

May 20, 2010
By , Williamstown, NJ
It was a tragic story. A young girl in New York City was 13 when her parents got a divorce. Her name is Wendy Korshaft. Wendy moved to Florida with her mom. In her new schools talent show Wendy performed the song that she wrote for the show. After Wendy performed her song one of the parents stopped her. He was actually a famous record dealer looking for a great new singer to sing for him and he found the right person, Wendy.
Wendy’s song came out as the #1 hit single and she made her first album when she was 15 and it was also the #1 selling CD. When Wendy turned 19 she was a millionaire with 9 albums sold.

When Wendy and her mom were coming home from the store they got in a terrible accident. The car was flipped over by a drunk driver driving a Mack truck. Wendy wasn’t badly injured but her mom had to stay in the hospital. It was about 3 days after the accident her mom died. Wendy was so devastated she just left every thing alone and forgot it and didn’t make any kind of music for over three years. A year later after Wendy’s mom died her aunt died of an over dose on her medication. Wendy seen her aunt the day before she died of the over dose and she was perfectly fine nothing was wrong with her too.
Three years after Wendy’s mom died she came out with a new album called “My Life”. The whole album was about her life and what she’s been through with her parents getting a divorce and her mom dieing. Wendy’s CD was bought by over 600 thousand people. Wendy later got married and has a daughter Angel she is 13 and a son Bull he is 9. They live in Miami, Florida in her mom’s old house near the beach as a big happy family

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Authorgal98 said...
Jun. 1, 2010 at 11:36 am
Good- but it kinda just flashed by. If you just add a little emotion/detail, you'lll be great! I'm talking reall, reallly great!
RobbyG. replied...
Jun. 4, 2010 at 10:55 am
I thought I should of added some more emotion to it. Thanks for the comment
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