The Basic Life

May 5, 2010
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Ben is a 13 year old boy who has a strict dad. He has a friend James who is also 13. They have been best friends for a long time and they both love to get in trouble.
It Starts With Trouble
Ben and James are heading down to the abandon building on First Street. They are planning on doing one thing and one thing only. Getting into a lot of trouble. They walk down the road and take a turn down a creepy path covered by woods and plants. They walk further and further getting more scared every step that they take. They finally get out of the creepy trail and spot the house a little bit further. So they start running and laughing thinking about how good of a day this will be for them. They came to a screeching halt and look up all the way to the top of the building. It was seven stories high and had these huge massive windows that went all the way down the side. James picked up a rock and said, “Watch this Ben!” He brought his arm back and flicked it forward as fast and as hard as he could. The window shatter right in half and it all collapsed to the ground. They started to run but the way they ran was not good at all. There was somebody in the house who had called the police. The police ca

me flying down the road going almost 100 miles per hour. He stopped at an instant to find the boys hiding in the woods trying to get away with breaking a giant glass window. The cop got out and stood straight up. The boys looked at him and gave themselves up. He was a massive 6’ 8” and built like an ape. He was a lean muscular man and didn’t look like someone who wanted to play around. He took the boys to the building that they threw rocks at and he talked to them for a long time. 30 minutes later the cop let them free but said, “If I catch you kids again you’ll be in the back of my car!” He wasn’t kidding; all he had to see us do was put a hand on someone. Even if I touched a relative meaning to hurt them I would get locked up. So I told James that the only time that you put a hand on someone is if they hurt you. Don’t just randomly go hurting people like we used to because then we will be in jail for a long time.

Grades and Police Officers
Ben came home the next day with his report card in his left hand. He had gotten five A’s and one D+. In his mind he knew that when his father looked at his report card and found out that he got a D+ he would go insane! As he walked in the door he started shaking; afraid because of his father. He handed the report card over to his dad and walked away. He ran wicked fast up to his room and slammed the door shut. His father started to scream and yell and Ben knew what his dad was screaming about. A few minutes later he heard footsteps slamming up the stairs and he heard his door open and his dad scream, “What the hell is wrong with you stupid little fart!” The dad walked over to the bed and started to scream and shout but that’s when it got three times worse! The father raised his arm above his head and started to bring it down towards Ben wicked fast. He made his first hit on the poor child and Ben started to holler in screams and tears. Ben knew that he had to get away and that his only way out was the door of his room. His made a run for it; hopping off the side of his bed where his dad wasn’t and running to the door. He made it to the door and as he had opened his father got a grip on his shirt, leaving scrape marks on his back. Running down the stairs and out the door to the back yard he took out his cell phone and called 911. His dad came to the back of the yard screaming and yelling; furious about his sons grades. Running over to his son he sees four police cruisers pull up in the front. The lights are flashing as the police officers are moving out of there vehicles and sprinting to the backyard. The father noticed the men dressed in all black and making a run for him. As the father turns around to look at what is going on Ben jumps on his back and takes him to the ground. He had learned martial arts when he was younger but he never got the concept of it and he was never any good at it. As he jumped he had remembered the takedown called “hun-jun” and he used it perfectly. He came down on the dads back and put his arm around his neck like a chokehold. Later he wrapped his legs around the upper chest and then he just squeezed as hard as he could making the father go to the ground and later pass out. The cop forced him off his father telling him that he didn’t have to do that we could have got him by ourselves. Ben got up and looked at that cop and all the others in sadness. He looked every police officer straight In the eye until he reached the second to last guy. He stopped in his eyes like something had locked his pupils dead on to the police officer. It made him shake and that’s when he realized why his eyes had locked onto to this cops eyes. It was the cop from earlier in the day that had been chasing him for vandalizing things with his friends. The officer started walking toward the Ben after he too realized that Ben was the kid that he was trying to catch. Ben started to run faster and faster until he was at least one hundred yards from his house and he was about to come up to a cliff that had a huge waterfall. The cop; right behind him was running faster than Ben and he was catching up. Ben had knew the whole land area where he was going so right before the cliff he took and extremely sharp turn to the right where the cop couldn’t see him. The police officer reached the cliff thinking that the kid had jumped off the cliff and he was swimming away. So the police officer, being desperate, jumped of the cliff after Ben. The one thing that the police man didn’t know was that Ben didn’t actually jump off the cliff. He was behind a tree to the right of the steep edge. Ben thought to himself how there were sharp rocks at the bottom of the water. He knew that from the height the officer was jumping at; he would probably hit the rocks on the bottom. He ran out from behind the tree and watched as the police officer fell down to the bottom. He knew that the cop was dead after he heard a giant SPLAT at the bottom of the river. He went back to his house and the police officers, all of them, were gone. They must have forgotten about the police officer that was chasing him. It was about 9:30 at night and Ben is usually in bed by 9. He knew that his mom was probably looking for him. He opened the door to his house and went to his room. He mom came in screaming and yelling at him about what had happened earlier in the day. He told her, “Maybe if dad knew how to keep his temper this wouldn’t have happened!” “GET OUT!!!!” He screamed to his mom and she listened to him. He thought to himself, “What if the police officer didn’t die and he comes back to my house and tries to kill me?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Later in the night Ben decided to go to sleep. He had been thinking a lot about that police officer that had been chasing him earlier in the day. He fell into a deep sleep that he wasn’t going to come out of until about 10 in the morning. At least 10 in the morning because the day before that he got to bed wicked late and he only got about three hours of total sleep. He was about two hours into his deep sleep when he started seeing things. He pictured a man dressed in a dark blue suit; all wet and cold. He had a bunch of shiny buttons on him around his upper torso. He looked deeply into the dream and realized who the figure dressed in all blue with shiny buttons was. It was the police officer. The one who had chased him to the cliff and fell off. He was frightened in his sleep but he still didn’t wake up. He had kept picturing this man who was walking towards his house. The figure had just an ounce of energy left; just enough to get to bens house. He made sure he used that last ounce of energy he had left to get to bens house. He got there in about 30 minutes. He smashed the door in the back of the house right open. As the door swung open he ripped it right of the hinges like there was nothing to it or he was some kind of super-villain that was amazingly strong. He walked into the house going from the back to the front. He walked around and around the house until he found the stairs leading up to the bed rooms. He lifted his left foot then his right foot and did that over and over again until he reached the top of the flight of stairs. He took a left and opened a door; it was the bathroom door. He repeated this process to every door. The moms room, the little brothers room, the sisters room, and then the last room on the left. The door creaked as this figure opened it and started to walk in the room and towards the bed. The door shut behind the man and Ben heard and saw the man pull something out of his pocket. He saw what it was; a gun! The man aimed the gun right at Bens forehead. Ben screamed and screamed until the figure pulled the trigger. His brain went white for a minute until his mom woke him up because he was screaming like he was in pain. She calmed him down and let him sleep in her bed with her for the night. For the rest of the night he kept tossing and turning just from the fear of that figure that had approached him earlier in the night. He got up at 5 in the morning from another nightmare and he just didn’t go back to sleep because he was way to scared and he didn’t want to take the risk.

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