May 10, 2010
By Kelsey Hanson BRONZE, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
Kelsey Hanson BRONZE, Whitmore Lake, Michigan
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*I would like to say that this is only a part of a story that I have written. If enough people say so,I will post the rest of the story.*

He pulled me out of the loud party and into his backyard, which felt like entering a whole new world. The wooden deck and porch swing, the large oak tree strung with paper lanterns, burning through the night, and all the fireflies twinkling like lights, all around the yard. It was breathtaking. I didn't want to ruin the silence by saying anything, but I think the look on my face showed my amazement. He interlocked his fingers in mine and we slowly walked over to the yard, taking in the view. He stopped and let go of my hand. "Wait a second," he whispered in my ear. He walked back inside the house and I sat down on the porch swing, trying to get ahold of what just happened. Why would the coolest, sweetest, hottest guy in school, do all of this for me, an average girl who he hadn't even known existed before last week when we were lab partners. I mean sure, we had been chatting and hanging out lately, I could never compete with his beautiful, cheerleader ex-girlfriend. Well, at least I heard they broke up. He probably won't even come back out! He'll leave me waiting out here all night looking like an idiot. Right then, I heard the glass door slide open, then close. I glanced up to see Aaron, holding an empty jar. I laughed. "What is that for?" I said jokingly.

"Well," he started, "I guess you'll have to find out." He set the jar down on the outdoor table and jogged down the 3 stairs that lead to the yard. He turned around in place and focused in on something. I saw him cup his hands and take hold of something. I looked at his hands and saw a small, dim flashing light. He was catching fireflies. He saw me looking at him and motioned me to come over. "Come on!" I walked down the stairs to the grass and leisurely walked towards him. "You're crazy!" I yelled out. Aaron smiled his crooked smile and showed me how to catch a firefly.
For the next ten minutes, we caught fireflies and put them in the jar. I looked around and focused on a firefly, one that was brighter then the rest. I fallowed it around the yard. I was so focused on the firefly I didn't even notice Aaron was chasing the same one. We collided and feel to the grass laughing. I rolled over and noticed how close his face was to mine. Then he did the unexpected. He leaned in and kissed me. I couldn't believe it. He pulled back, even though I wish he hadn't. I gently layed my head on his chest and listened to his heartbeat as we lied there in staring at the night sky. My life was becoming better then ever, all because of fireflies.

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HelloLove said...
on May. 19 2010 at 12:05 pm
HelloLove, Dexter, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! How I wonder what you're at.
Tut, tut, child! Everything's got a moral, if only you can find it.

I love it, Kelsey! I can just picture all this happening! 


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