the donut shop

May 10, 2010
By , sun city, CA
I woke up immediately knowing I was going to the donut shop.
An hour later, my dad brought up a thought, “Do you guys want to go to the donut shop?”
My grandpa and I said, “Yeah, why not?”

As soon as we got ready and brushed our teeth, we began walking because the donut shop was only down the street. After every one got ready, we walked out the front door while our stomachs where talking to us. Not a moment to soon we got there, and I ordered a bear claw.

I sat down and started to eat my donut and knew it was going to be delicious. While all this was happening, I got a bottle of milk so it would be easier to swallow all the sugar and frosting.

As all this was happening, my dad and grandpa were having a conversation about what we should do for the day. Shortly after that, we were done eating and we started to play video games for almost an hour at the donut shop. While my dad and I were playing games, we looked back to see what my grandpa was doing. He was sitting at a booth talking to the lady that owns the donut shop.

Closing time: when my dad and I where done playing video games we looked back at my back at my grandfather to see if he was done eating his donut, but instead of eating his donut he was still talking to the lady that owned the donut shop. My dad and I walked over there to see what they where talking about. I guess they were talking about an accident that the lady got into before she got to work. After my grandpa was done asking the lady all these questions we ended up leaving. But it was worth a wait because the lady gave us a dozen donuts to go for free. When we got home we opened that box of donuts and started eat them like a bunch of fat pigs.

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