Nothing Good

May 9, 2010
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Every time I set foot on this beach on this island, it feels like I never left, but the pain still burned inside me. I walk the long beach to the ruined town left in ashes. So many good memories torment me as I look at what has become of the town. I couldn’t have saved them… Even if I had tried, I couldn’t have saved them. She was the one I could have saved, and she was the one that mattered most. I slowly walked through the ashes of houses, and the salted fields towards the looming forest. I walked through the forest, weaving through the now familiar trees, approaching the most painful place I can imagine.

I entered the clearing and lay by the small stone I set for her all those years ago. I wished she could be there with me, and I would give any thing to have that wish come true. The only problem was I had nothing left to give. Seven years ago I had everything I could ever dream of. Now I am just a tormented soul, with my only comfort knowing that nothing living came to this island any more, only me.

She died on our wedding day, murdered by a man following orders. In the future I will eventually move on, for I have forever to try. But for now all I have is vengeance. For now nothing good can come of me. And for now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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