May 9, 2010
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A girl sits on a hill in her backyard. She blinks when the sun briefly peaks through the clouds. A whistling sound can be heard, but it takes you a moment to realize that it's coming from the girl. You hadn't read that her lips moved. You're almost stunned.

She keeps whistling, and you begin to wonder if she expects animals to come at her calling. And then she laughs, as if she heard your thoughts. But how could she have? She is only of this paper, and you are the reader.

Yet, how or where she exists doesn't matter, because she winks in the direction of where your eyes are following. You do not blush, but you do feel that sensation in your stomach that makes you want to eat chocolate. Your mind wanders to chocolate for a moment, but you stop when the girl laughs again.

Is she hearing my thoughts? you wonder. If I close this page, will she stop?

The girl's smile falters and she takes a deep breath in, then out. In again, then out again. And her smile returns as she stands, but it seems her legs give out because she sits (or plops) back down.

She sighs and looks at where your eyes are following once more. She giggles, sweetly and girly. It almost makes your tooth hurt. She frowns after that last thought registers in your mind. You almost say "sorry" except... that would be silly, wouldn't it? She can't hear you.

The girl opens her mouth and you almost jump because it was so unexpected. Her lips look like they are mouthing words to a song. You then realize she's talking. You wait for the story to tell you what she says, though, it doesn't.

You think, What a disappointment. This story is confusing enough, and I want some explanation.

You wait some more, but nothing happens. The girl continues to sit on the hill, watching. The story continues to record her time there.

You ask her to do something in your mind. She claps, stands up, and walks back to her house. Maybe she really could hear you, but you'll never find out, because this story has ended.

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