Morning Dilemmas

May 13, 2010
Why is it that every morning I wake up in a perfectly good mood, ready to start a great day, and someone or something always has to ruin it? I mean it happens every single time and it is getting old! I awoke this morning with a smile ready to start the day. I dressed myself in an outfit that matched my mood and put on my new flats. I then spent forty-five minutes straightening my hair and applying my make-up. I was feeling great. Then, I go into the kitchen and open the pantry only to find that MY Pop-tarts are gone. Not only are they gone but someone left the box empty. This empty box gave me a glimmer of hope that there would’ve been at least one left. Its one thing to eat my Pop-tarts, but it’s another when you take the last one out of the box! In this house we mark our food. Otherwise, it’s almost guaranteed your food will get eaten. I personally wrote my name on that box of Pop-tarts. I had my mother pick them up especially for me!
Just then my brother walks through the kitchen eating a Strawberry Milkshake Pop-tart. Those are my absolute favorite, so I know it was mine! Where did you get that? Why would you eat it out of the box that had MY name on it? It obviously wasn’t for you; there are other things to eat in this house. Give me my Pop-tart! Then, the worst possible thing he could do, Dylan licks my toaster pastry and then asks me if I still want it! Well of course I don’t want it now!
He infuriates me to no end; with all my anger built up I grab the Pop-tart and throw it in the trash. Not just any trash, the trash with last night’s leftover food still on top. Hah! Now he doesn’t get it either! But you want to know what he does? He gets it out of the trash and eats it! He says that food is food and he will be fine.
As this happens my mother walks out of her room and asks what all the commotion is. I quickly recite the morning’s events as my mother wears a confused look on her face. After I am finished she is silent for a moment, then she walks away back into her room. This action annoys me, she knows the rules, and she made up the rule after everyone kept eating her chocolate-covered strawberries! How can she just turn around and act like nothing happened?
Just as I am thinking those thoughts my mother walks back out. In her hand is a brand new, unopened box of Strawberry Milkshake Pop-tarts. She says that even after I wrote my name on them she knew that Dylan would overlook it and eat them anyway. So to avoid a morning fiasco she bought and extra box and hid them. She had planned on putting the new box in the pantry when she discovered the others were gone. Her plan hadn’t gone as smoothly as planned for she never thought he would eat the last one.
Yes, now I am happy that I get a Pop-tart. But I cannot return to my previous chipper mood because I am annoyed with my brother’s actions and the way he disrespects this household and gets away with it. I think tomorrow morning I will eat a bowl of his Cocoa Pebbles. Since those are HIS favorites.

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