These Are the Little Things

May 13, 2010
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The sun is warm on my sun-tanned skin as we walk along the beach. My windblown hair flicks this was and that as I turn to look at you. I can taste the salt on my lips and wonder if it would taste the same on yours. I smile and keep walking, seeing the playful look in your eyes as you start to chase after me into the warm, foamy water. You catch me by the waist as the water grows level with my thighs. I turn around and wrap my arms around your neck and kiss you. Smiling, I run towards the shore, my eyes saying catch me if you dare. I fall carelessly into the warm sand. We lay there, your fingers intertwining in my long hair, me tracing tiny circles across your chest. You lean in to kiss me, but I kiss you first, laughing playfully as I lick my lips and taste a mixture of beach.

We talk about our plans for the future. We come to find that we have no plans, that we are each other’s future. You look at me with your beautiful blue eyes and whisper a sweet I love you. The breeze tickles my face and you wipe away sand from my cheek. The breeze picks up and your hair begins to dance in the sun, changing from a dark brown to a light mocha every other second. The crooked, goofy smile that you say you love so much takes form on my face. I whisper back I love you too and kiss you softly on your full lips. As we stare at each other, I memorize every single thing about you. The way you smile. The way you laugh. The way your voice sounds as it mingles with the beautiful melody you make with your guitar. Everything. And I realize just how important little moments like these are.

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