The Vicious Kingdom

May 13, 2010
By swmr101 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
swmr101 GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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High school is like the animal kingdom. All of its inhabitants can be compared to animals. The halls are filled with hyenas, little flighty birds, piranhas, monkeys, lions, and gazelles.
The Hyenas are the popular people who laugh at your every mistake and mock the other animals mercilessly. The flighty birds are the band geeks in all of their musical harmony and their delicate gentleness. The piranhas are the social pariahs, the ones who dress differently and don’t care what others think. The monkeys are the class clowns, who jump around and make fools of themselves. The lions are the jocks. And the gazelles are the pretty preps, with their pony tails and their Abercrombie sweaters.
The same rules that apply in the animal kingdom, apply in high school. You have to abide by the status quo. The gazelles stay together. The flighty birds stay in the band rooms. The lions and the hyenas rule the school. The piranhas stay in their corner and the monkeys stay together. A piranha could never be a gazelle a piranha could never be with a gazelle. The flighty birds could never be caught with a lion.
There is one loop hole… one sign of hope for the lesser animals. There are some animals that are kinder, animals that will accept other animals. A piranha might be able to accept a flighty bird, and a gazelle could accept a flighty bird. This may not be possible in the real wild, but high school is different. There are some who are accepting. There are some who can see past the differences and overcome the status quo. And, that is the true sign of hope in the vicious world called High School.

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