what is this feeling in my heart . . . its beating your name (part one)

May 12, 2010
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i rolled over on my bed and looked out my window. for once the weatherman was right i thought to myself . . . its sunny and bright out. i pulled on my jeans and shirt then went to my kichen to eat. it was a typical saturday morning beside one basic bop in the head reminder that it was different - it was my best friend's(cole's) birthday party today and we were helping him and his mom set it up. so we had to get there early. as i shut the truck door my mom started the engine and pulled out of the drive way and down boston rd.then before i knew it we were at his street,at his house,at his door,and giving each other hugs with our little 8 year old smiles on. but then less then two hours later cole's fater was hitting him for a reason that to this day i still blame myself for; we were playing warriors and i was a ninja, he was a swordsman, and his friend was a war soldier. then when his friend,tyler, was trying to attack me i ran, hid, then bounced from my hiding spot in the bushes and pretened to slice all of tyler's arms off in the game. then to go along with it tyler fell to the ground and had his tonuge hanging out of the corner of his mouth. i jumped up and did a 'grasshoper kick' and started running after cole. but when i opened my eyes from my smile i realised something that was a little off . . . he was running after me . . . so i stopped and when he reach me iwent to poke him trying to make him happy but instead he arm my arm twisted and told to "never ever ever ever kill his best friend ever ever ever again" i jut stood there in shock as he laid punch after punch on me. i didnt know what to do . . . i kept on going over and over the situation in my head 'what did i do? how is this happening? . . .

to be continued . . .

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