The City

May 11, 2010
By , Brooklyn, NY
It was early in the morning when outskirts of The City met her in their warm smell of small bakeries. Her husband was driving their car through the Masse of the city into the downtown. There in the downtown people even at this time of day were busy going around the streets in their dress code suites. Offices started their life. She could feel the pressure of the big city through the window of their new car.
Suddenly she realized that she was back, home, sweet Home. She opened the window and breathed in the early morning air and looked around. It was the right feeling; she missed it so much, while staying away from The City. For last few weeks she stayed with her parents in the little village and now she was back! Back to the place she belonged. To little streets, shops, banks, offices and so much more that surrounded her busy work at the bank.
“When are going back to office?”
“As soon as I unpack my things!”
“That will be quite fast!”
“They probably mixed everything up again, like it was last time. But thanks God there were no serious contracts for that period.”
And again silence. They did not have much to talk about now, even though they where ready to spent all their free time together. They were married for almost a year. He was the son of the owner of one of the most progressive bank in the world, and she was their best manager. He did not care much about the business since his old man retired and she took the control of it. Sometime he even did not know about their contracts and it could not be better for him if he knew. For her The City was life, for him The city was burden. But both lived in it.

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