New Years Troubles

May 11, 2010
By laurenbaker BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
laurenbaker BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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It was a cold snowy night when I left it seemed and I had a feeling that it was going to stay that way for the rest of the day on into the night. There was a party at my friend Tristan’s house we were all just going to meet up and have a good time before the winter break was over. When I woke up that day I had this uneasy feeling about everything but I ignored it. Did I mention it was New Years Eve? All that day I just relaxed, watched some TV and slept.
It was going to be a big night and I wanted to have a lot of fun to bring in the New Year. I remember I started getting ready at 8:00 because it didn’t start till 9:00. I’m not really a fancy dresser T-shirt, khaki shorts, maybe a hat, of course my shoes and I’m ready. I was pretty hungry so I ate the rest of the pizza I ordered from earlier that day. I checked my wallet I had roughly $250.00 and a credit card. I check my iPhone one missed call from Corey then he text me and said that there would be drinks there so I didn’t have to pick up any anymore. I wasn’t really a drinker but I would have a beer from time to time no big deal. I grabbed my car keys and I was out the door. Earlier that day I ran into my mom in the kitchen.
“Mom what are you doing for new years? “Going to the New Years service at the church, then to Lisa’s’ house for her and Brads’ yearly New Year’s party, what are you doing?” she said. “There’s a party at Tristan’s that I’m going to”. She’s probably going to ask me what time it started, what time I was going to be home and who will all be there, I thought to myself. And she did. “What time does it start and end, and who will all be there?”

I answered I didn’t know except to what time it started. “It starts at 9:15 and I’m not sure whose all going to be there, or what time I’m going to be home. “I walked over to the refrigerator, and opened it to get a nice cold can of Coca – Cola out. “ Well be safe while you’re going there, and on your way home, there will be a lot of drunken, wreck less drivers out tonight. “I will mom” I said as I walked back to my room drinking my soda.

As I arrived to Tristan’s house everyone was already there the music was loud, there was food and fellowship and I felt that it was going to be a great New Year’s party. “Yo what up Tristan” I said. Ayy man you ready to party?” he said. “Yea this should be a really chill night and Emma’s here and I’m going to talk to her and stuff.” “Go ahead man” he said. The night was going really well me and Emma were talking and dancing and conversing, there wasn’t that much drinking so I wasn’t really worried about getting into any kind of trouble. But one of my friends had a little bit to much and I had to drive him home but I came back , on the way to drop him off I was thinking about asking Emma out when I got back to the party.

She was flirting with me all night but I wasn’t sure if she just thought this was a onetime thing. I arrived back around 11:00 pm and Emma greeted me in the front yard “Did he get home safe?” she said. “Yes I watched him all the way inside and waited until the door was closed.” “Ha-ha good to know, now let’s go inside were everyone else is.” Emma said. We went inside and I was feeling a bit hungry so I had some pizza ordered earlier. While I was eating I was thinking about how I was going to ask her out, also if I should do it or not. “Is it worth it?” I asked myself. Finally I decided I was really going to do it but at the same time I didn’t want to embarrass myself. I was going to do it out of the open so nobody could see especially if she says no. To gather myself I went to the bathroom and splashed some water on my face looking in the mirror at myself thinking “You can do this.” I rinsed my mouth out and made sure it didn’t smell like food and kind of made my hair better.

I came out of the bathroom and started looking for her, I found her on the couch talking to Jessica. “Hey Jessica do you mind if I talk to Emma for a second, I kind of need to talk to her.” “Oh sure no problem.” She said. I took Emma to the kitchen and my mind was racing “What’s up?” she said “ Well I know this might be a little random or weird but I’ve been thinking and I really like you and I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me? ………” The expression on her face went from smile to confuse. “I’m not sure, I mean we just started talking and all and I kind of liked someone else.” “Oh ok well do you think we could maybe have something in the future?” I said without thinking. “I don’t know, I hate when guys ask me that just give me space for right now, I have to get back to Jessica so I’ll see you later.” And she walked off, my night was crushed and so was my New Years. I went back to the party and everyone was looking at me and Emma was with some guy named Ben, maybe that who she liked. I wanted to just leave the party but I didn’t want to make it seem like I was upset about it but I really was. I tried to shake it off by just going on with my night. Nothing could cheer me up, I felt like I did the wrong thing. I knew I shouldn’t of asked her out, all we were was friends, now we are just two people who know each other awkwardly. Tristan came up to me a little while later and asked me how it went. ‘’Terrible’’ I said. He went on to tell me not to worry and maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. That didn’t really help but he did say something that made me look at what just happened in a good way. He said ‘’well at least you know, now you can know that it won’t work out and not too waste your time on her, there are plenty fish in the sea.’’ That really did help me to stop thinking about it, and I appreciate him telling me that. I saw Emma only twice more at the party, we didn’t say a word to each other but it was still awkward.
It was around 11:30 pm and I told myself that I was going to stay till 12 so I could bring in the New Year with my friend. But after that I was going to head home. At 11:59 we started the countdown, and in that minute I decided I wasn’t going to let what happened that night ruin the start of my new year. When the clock struck 12 and everyone was celebrating I just had a smile on my face because I knew I was going to have a great year, and even though Emma rejected me, maybe there’s a reason for that. With what I just said, my state of mind now, and friends like Tristan, all my new year’s troubles were gone.

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I had too write it for an english essay

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