Today A Different Tomorrow

May 11, 2010
By SceneElsie BRONZE, Stanton, Michigan
SceneElsie BRONZE, Stanton, Michigan
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Today A Different Tomorrow

Today will be the day. I tell myself this weekly if not daily. Yes daily. Today's the day. The day I get away, and start over. Desperately I need a new start, so bad I can simply taste it. The screaming and yelling along with all of the pain would go away. Horrible thoughts that gush through my mind. Nightmares and flashback could easily stop if I just get away.

Morning. Worst part of the day. Easily. It's like almost on schedule what time they wake up and argue during the early sunrise. Stomping, screeching, yelling, crying, and objects breaking all filled up the sweet silence. Hiding in my I turn on music because I know what is about to come. The latest I could wait it out in my room, I would. Three minutes before the bus got there I cautiously walked up the stair leading into the Kitchen. There she sat face in her hands crying. I felt no pity for her. She could have stopped it if she wanted. to. She never did. I blame her. "Good morning," my voice is barley a whisper. Too shaky to come to the real tone.

"What!?" She screams for what seems like an eternity.. Blaming me, but her words are muffled and I can't understand. Desperately I search for her face expression which is just a blur. That's all anything is anymore a blur. With a creak the front door opens, and my body slowly emerges on the outside of the house.

School is most peoples dreaded time of the day. Not for me. It's an escape from the h*** I call home. An escape to heaven, and my friends. As usual the day goes rather too fast and I soon have to head home. Dreading life once more. The smell of drugs fill the air as I open the front door with great caution. I realize both of them are at work. A sigh of relief escapes my lungs.

Dinner time comes around. I believe we all dread dinner. When was the last time we had a single dinner in peace? I'm not sure, and how sad is that? Tonight they fight over his spending money on stupid unnecessary things. There is no point to this argument other that to hear each other yell. My head starts spinning, and I become very dizzy. No surprise there. This has been happening frequently. My first instinct screams with draws. To cope with their constant arguing I had to have a plan set out. My plan was very simple drugs. I mostly popped pills because it was cheaper than anything else. Although if I could get something strong, I always took advantage of that.

Tonight was the last night I would have to deal with it. Something will be done about this. That I'm very sure about. There was no point in telling anybody. It would only make their bomb tick even quicker when their reputation got shot down. If I ran away she would just report me as a runaway then the cops would have me come back home. Everywhere I looked it seemed that every plan would be thrown back into my face. Simply a dead end. My next choice... suicide. That was the only thing left. As detailed as I could I planned out every other option, and nothing seemed to work out in my favor.

Five days later...

My funeral was nice I suppose. Nice and cozy. People were there that I have never even seen. As I watch the ceremony from above I simply grin an angry revenge grin. This was their fault more specifically her fault, and I hope the memory of me haunts them for eternity. The sight they awoke to the next morning drives them to insanity. While I watch I will look upon them and keep my revenge grin planted proudly on my face.

The author's comments:
My life inspired this short story, quite a bit actually. It is fictional though.

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