Daning in sweet bliss

May 10, 2010
He stood there looking at the girl in front of him. Her usually more red hair was darker brown. The rain dripped off her nose, her eye lashes, and her hair. He grabbed her hand feeling the chill reach his whole body, partially was because of the cold, but also something else.He reached his hand out and traced her cheek bone down to her chin then gently to the back of her neck. His heart beating faster thinking "she has to hear how loud my heart is beating because of her." He leaned in as if their lips were magnetic.To powerful to resit not like they wanted it to. And at that very moment the world stop. There earth wasn't spinning anymore. In their minds it was just them and the sound of rain on the pavement was their song. He rubbed her hands from her petite stomach to her hips. He looked right in her eyes and whispered, I love you. As if it was a secret between the two lovers and the rain. The girl's heart melted and she became week and the knees and her whole body went soft. As they breathed in the sweetness. " I love you to, she whispered back the sweetest thing he had every heard. His hands pushed her against the wet car from the rain but it felt refreshing on her skin. His hands on her hips but with a firmer grip. And they shared that special moment when their lips met and those three words were exchanged. It had passion and... something else... could it be? Love...just maybe. Young love first for the both of them a special adventure only meant for two. And they will see where the journey takes them. But for now they stand in the rain and the inocence of young love.

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