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May 4, 2010
By , Carson, CA
I have this idea about a troubled teenager about 17 years old. His name is Danny (name doesnt really matter right now). He's mother died few years back and lives with his little sister and his dad. He is not doing well in school and doesnt have a good relationship with his dad and his little sister who resembles their mom.

well he gets drunk at a weekend party with his friends when the friend's parents went away for a couple days. Getting late, he decides to finish his beer and drive home. His friend worried tells Danny to call for a ride. Danny laughs and says he is alright and gets in the car. After saying good bye Danny drives home. From then on his memories are little unclear. Next thing he knows, he wakes up in a hospital with a bright white light in his eyes. He finds himself on the hospital bed with "get well soon" card and flowers from his sister Jenny. The nurse comes in to check on him and ask if he is okay. Danny confused and asks what happened. The nurse smiles and answers "someone must be taking good care of you in heaven". His dad comes in really tired and with very worried eyes. Danny's dad finds DAnny awake and first ask the nurse if Danny will be fine. The nurse reassures the dad and says Danny was very lucky to have survived.

Danny still feeling out of place asks his dad. The dad explains what happened and about how he got home late and got a call.

Basically while intoxicated Danny got in a car accident. Danny had hit a another car dead on. the driver in the car died in the crash but Danny however needed a heart transplant. The other driver was a heart donor and due to the unfortunate circumstances the new heart from the driver was given to Danny.

And the rest of the story will take place in DAnny learning about the other driver who gave him another chance to live and learns more about himself. He learns to accept his mother's death and finds spirituality.

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