Love At First Sight is True Love Too

May 3, 2010
By love2rock74 BRONZE, Miami Springs, Florida
love2rock74 BRONZE, Miami Springs, Florida
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It was a normal day in the life of your everyday average teenage girl. I woke up early on that school day morning and ate a bowl my favorite breakfast cereal with some cool milk, then went back to my room to decide what to wear on that rainy, cloudy Tuesday. This was always a very difficult process. I decided on a long sleeve bright orange top with some dark blue jeans and my old sneakers. I tried three different hairstyles before I finally found the perfect one for the outfit I was wearing that day, then checked my watch: 7:13 a.m. I was going to miss the bus. I grabbed my backpack and ran out the front door without even a word to my parents. I did not stop running for another block. I could see the bus pulling up in the corner. I had just made it without a second to spare. In homeroom, I sat cramming for a chemistry test that I had next period, when suddenly, my whole world changed. A boy walked into the classroom as my chemistry book fell off my desk and to the floor. The boy was tall and handsome with light brown hair with natural Blond highlights. He was built and lean. His lips wear full and red and he had the most beautiful smile that I had ever seen. He was in every possible way perfect. My heart sang. Our eyes meet immediately and I could not get myself to look away from his beautiful green eyes. My heart rate accelerated. I knew at that moment he was the one. The one every girl wanted. The one people searched for all their lives: the one that was mine. I knew this in a second, at my first glance and after that all I could do was stare. I was breathless and dazzled. I had no idea what hit me. I did not know this boy who so unexpectedly walked into my life, but I loved him: would always love him. It was most definitely love at first sight. There was no doubt in my mind. I was only seventeen. Everyone said we would never work out. That it was puppy love. That we were too young to know what love was. I made in my number one priority to prove them wrong. I won. Here we are three kids later and still madly in love. I wonder what my life would be like if I had not seen him. Where would I be today? I may never know, but I do not care. I have all I ever needed with me today. Love at first sight is real. It is powerful. It is true. It conquers our senses, because from that first glance there is no looking back. everything revolves around that person. It is truly love.

The author's comments:
This is what I think love at first sight is. Every teenage girl dreams about finding "the one." This is just one of the fantasies we all love to think could happen.

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