May 3, 2010
By ender411 BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
ender411 BRONZE, Arlington, Texas
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The crowds around me are extremely rowdy. The seas of people seem to be ebbing and flowing with the confusion and fear that surged through them. I wasn’t really certain about how I felt. Some of the things that are going to be announced are making me uneasy, but I’m certain that most of those subjects are going to be addressed today. I’d been hearing rumors of communism, of us joining the global union, that somehow I would lose all my rights, a civil war would erupt, but I’m certain all these things are merely rumors. There is a man annoyingly tall directly in front of me wearing a white cap and I am forced to sidestep and move with the flow of the crowd to get a view of the stage. The podium was wooden and stood in the direct center of the stage. Rows and rows of flags line the back wall of the whole stage. Every country of the world is represented in the swaying ocean of fabric, with the American flag positioned directly over the podium. I think I notice Russia, India, china, and I might have caught a glimpse of the Israeli flag. One thing that is unmistakable though is the bold Presidential symbol that is engraved on the podium.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, please be silent.” The announcement must have come from one of the hidden speakers scattered across the area. I could hear the last few people shut their mouths, and I think it’s all about to start. A small man in a blue suite walks across the platform and speaks into the mass of microphones that lined the rim of the podium. “Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States”. I heard a smattering of applause come from a few people behind me, but like me, most of us maintained a cold, questioning silence. The President slowly walks out to the podium. I think he is very tired and probably wishes he could just go to sleep. I hold my breath.
“My fellow Americans, these are hard times we live in. We are faced with disaster after disaster. We endure heart ache after heart ache, our sons and daughters are returning to us broken, when they never should have left in the first place. Many years ago, when I was in my first four years of the presidency, I led this country towards reformation. We stood together and brought about change to the issues that so desperately needed it. Today we are in worse times. More drastic changes are needed. We must advance with the world. We must lead the world into the next decade and help our fellow man. It’s time to end our archaic ways of doing and face the future. That is why I have decided to add America’s support to the drafting of the Global Union. In four years time we will no longer consider ourselves Americans first, but citizens of the world. This will bring new revenue into our borders, add protection to all of our citizens, and revitalize our economy like no stimulus package can. It is time for change! Yes, we did accomplish great things in the past. Yes, we can change the world together. Yes we can!”
The crowds around me erupt into chaos. I see people who are crying, and I think someone is on the ground rocking back and forth. I see some people are defending the President’s decisions and they are being beaten into the ground, red blood covers the concrete. I know something is wrong, especially since I have never seen crowds as large as this become unified. Everyone is angry. I might be only one of thousands in this sea of shouting faces, but I can feel the unified hate towards the stage. I’m not sure what I think. But my stomach has never felt this sick before. This can’t be good.

The author's comments:
This is not meant to draw a proverbial political line in the sand. Merely, imagine one being dragged across that sand one day.

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