On The Brink Of Insanity: A story told through the eyes of a misunderstood teenager (Part one, Intro

May 3, 2010
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I'm absolutely terrified FOR you...I'm afraid of you, I feel so manipulated and abused...it's just like how my friend once put it...Kinda like you're taking me apart in the most painful way possible, cutting me open, trying to see how I tick and how it makes me feel, to see how vulnerable I REALLY am, messing with my nerves...and then you put me back together and repeat it, just to see how long it would take before you've completely broken me.

I am not your little toy, I'm not an animal on an examination table. I'm not a middle school class experiment. I'm human, breathing, ME. I have a heart, no matter how broken it may be. I have a soul, no matter how soulless I may seem...

I am human but also, a momentary hollow shell of what I used to be. Right now, I hide behind a fa?ade of happiness and innocence. Everything seems fine, but it's not...You are to blame for much of it...

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Riku295 said...
Aug. 7, 2010 at 10:24 pm
Comments, Reviews, and Ratings are very much appreciated! Please review and tell your friends? I wanna know if I should continue this or not.
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