Sophia and Olivia Take the Hamptons

April 29, 2010
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Chapter 1

A Few Days Earlier…

Freshman year had finally come to an end, and the long awaited summer was here. Sophia had invited me to spend the summer with her in East Hampton, New York. But, I still wasn’t sure if I was going to go alone. My dad was going to be at home for the summer, training with the Los Angeles Raiders, and my mom was going to be launching her fashion line, Herve Leger.

As for me, I still wasn’t sure about spending the entire summer 1000 miles away from my parents. But, I better make up my mind soon enough, I wanted this summer to be a summer to remember…hmmm….Hamptons or stay at home in LA. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out later…

Chapter 2

Off To the Hamptons We Go
I turned to Sophia, “Sophia, which shoes, my massive pink Prada heels or my Louboutin Platforms?”

Sophia laughed, “Olivia, we’re spending the summer on the beach, not strutting down Rodeo Drive.”

“Ok, but seriously, if we’re not dressing to the nines in Dior dresses and Louboutins we better meet some seriously hot guys!” said Olivia.

“Don’t worry Olivia, there’s an endless amount of hot lifeguards, parties all night, and best of all an entire three months without parental supervision,” Sophia
ensured me.

“OK, just promise me that we won’t get into any trouble,” said Olivia.

“Promise,” said Sophia.

Five, one hundred and seventy-five pound Louis Vuittion suitcases later and I was packed for one stylish summer! My car was going to be here any minute to take me to Sophia’s house and I was ready to go. Oh, there’s Patrick, my driver!

“Bye Madre, bye Daddy, kisses! Love you both! I’ll call you when we land.”

“Now sweetie, be careful,” shouted my dad as I walked off.

“Always!” I shouted back.

As I pulled out of the driveway, I looked back at my parents waving at me, I could feel a tear forming in my right eye, and it was so bitter sweet. Shortly after I arrived at Sophia’s house with a smile on my face, I was so excited to get going! Sophia grabbed her bags, kissed her parents goodbye, and we were finally off.

Six hours later we arrived at the East Hampton Airport. As we drove to Sophia’s house, I couldn’t take my eyes off my surroundings. It was just so gorgeous. We passed the duck pond, the Hamptons Inn, gorgeous vintage estates, tall tan beautiful people dressed in all white, and people walking their cute little dogs. Everything was so picture perfect, so pristine, so quaint; I think I am in love with this town.

Then we pulled up to Sophia’s ocean front estate. My mouth dropped, it was this three story, white house with bright red geraniums everywhere. It was surrounded by a huge gate and tall green hedges. Then we went inside. Sophia and I snacked on cookies and lemonade, and then walked out onto her balcony.

I looked out in the beach, “We need binoculars to point out all the hot guys on the beach!”

“Yes! Do you love? Or do you love love?!” asked Sophia as she looked out at the beach.

“I love love! I think I am going to move here!” I said, almost jumping up and down.

“Now you can share my love of the Hamptons with me. Oh, and we are going out tonight. I want to take you to my favorite restaurant, Nick and Tony’s. They have this amazing dessert you will die over!” said Sophia.

I licked my lips, “Ohhh! Yummalicous! I can’t wait! I’ll go pick out an outfit for tonight.”

Chapter 3

Watch Out Here We Come

“I love that restaurant! Trust me, if I lived around here I would want to eat there every single night,” said Olivia.

“You would be awfully obese too, you completely devoured that dessert,” joked Sophia.

“Let’s go to the beach tomorrow. I am in dire need of a tan!” I suggested.

Sophia smiled, “Me too, maybe we will meet some Hampton hotties if we are lucky!”

After getting beach perfect for hours we were ready to hit the sand! Sophia was dressed in a hot pink bikini and some massive wedges. I had on a black bikini and these oversized black Dior sunglasses that marked me as a New Yorker.

We found the perfect spot on the snow white, just enough sun but just enough shade. After tanning in the warm glimmering sun for a couple hours we decided to people watch, always a fun activity to take part in on Main Beach. (Especially on a day like this, while all the cute lifeguards are out.)
Our beach watching had been quite unsuccessful, and we were both starving. We decided to go get a light lunch at the concession and get out of the sun for a little while. Sophia and I threw on our cover-ups quickly. Then we trudged up the beach to the concession. Since we were on vacation we got piña coladas, grilled cheeses, and fries to share.

Sophia looked at the greasy tray of food we had just acquired, “Wow that looks good, I haven’t pigged out like this since last thanksgiving!”

“Never underestimate the power of good, greasy, fattening food,” said Olivia.

We sat at a table with four chairs, even though it was only us two. While we were eating, Sophia noticed two guys coming over to our tables.

Sophia looked up at the guys heading over to us, “Is it just me, or are you seeing double too?”

Olivia looked up to where Sophia was starring, “I think we’re not seeing double, we’re seeing identical twins.”

Both of our mouths dropped at the same time. What we were both clearly seeing was six foot, ripped, hot twin lifeguards.

The twins walked up to the table at which we were sitting. For a few seconds they didn’t say word, they just smiled. They were brunette, blue eyed and pretty confidant. But not the overconfident in love with themselves, can’t see past their reflection in the mirror type.

The twins looked up at us, “By the way, I’m Justin.”

“And I’m Derek.”
“I’m Olivia and this is my friend Sophia.”

“Yeah”, mumbled the twins. As they quite obviously, with no discretion, checked us both out.”

“So are you guys here for the whole summer?’ asked Derek.

Sophia looked up, “Yeah. We live in LA but my parents have a house here, and they let us stay in it alone for the summer.”

They both seemed to become suddenly very excited and went into a deep trance, short-lived daydream for a moment there.
Justin seemed to be in deep thought for a moment, “Wait so you guys are here alone for the entire summer with no parents, at all?”

I laughed, “Yeah, they’re back in LA.”

Derek smiled, “Sounds like we should have a party at your place!”

Sophia’s face turned to worry. “We’re getting way to ahead of ourselves here.”

We talked and flirted with the twins for a bit longer. My mind was racing. These guys were so hot. I now knew this was going to be one summer to never forget.

Simultaneously the boys leaned back in their chairs, “Well we should get your numbers,” Justin said.

I put my number in Derek’s phone, while Sophia gave Justin her number.

The twins got up and grinned, “See you later!” they shouted as they walked away.

Sophia and I both sat there stunned, with the biggest smiles adorning both of us.

Chapter 4

Can you get my phone?

I looked in the mirror in Sophia’s bedroom, I was so tan.

“Hey Sophia, I’m gunna go take a shower,” I shouted across the room.

My cool shower felt nice after being at the hot sunny beach all day. I begin reminiscing about our day. Hmm…I wonder if I’ll ever hear from Derek.

“Olivia! Your phone is ringing!” Sophia shouted.

“Can you get it?” I shouted back from the bathroom.


Sophia quickly picked up the phone, “Hello?”

“Hey it’s Derek.”

“Hey-O, Derek.”

“Is Olivia there?”

“Umm… she’s in the shower.”

“Will, do you guys want to go to a party with Justin and me tonight?”

“Sure, where?”

“My friend Brody is having a party at his house. We’ll pick you guys up at 7.”

“Sounds fun, I’ll tell Olivia.”

“K, later.”


Sophia merrily skipped over to me, “Olivia! Guess what?!”


“Our hottie lifeguard friends just invited us to a house party!”

I screamed, “Ahhhhh!!!”

We both jumped up and down.

“This party has to be amazing! I mean it’s the fort party of the summer!” I said.

Sophia smiled, “Oh, it will be, I promise. Let’s go get ready!”

Chapter 5

One of those nights that never ends

Sophia yelled up at me from downstairs, “Hey, the twins are here.”

“I’m coming,” I yelled back down.

The door bell rang, “Ding-dong!”

I rushed downstairs just in time to get the front door.

Derek gave me a hug.

Justin stood there in the doorway, “You guys ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Sophia answered.

“This is going to be one of those nights that never ends,” Derek said.

We all got in Justin’s Porche and drove off. As we pulled into Brody’s driveway, I could see the place was already packed. There were probably a hundred people there and more arriving each minute. I could tell this party was going to be crazy.

Sophia and I walked in followed by Justin and Derek. I had to push my way through people to even get outrside by the pool. We stood around drinking Pellegrino and ate desserts. Ti was really fancy and posh.

Sophia turned to me, “OMG! Did you just see that!?”

I was confused, “See what?”

“There was a drunk guy and he totally just fell into the pool!”

“Ha ha, that’s funny.” I said in a sarcastic voice, even though I was scared that there were even people drinking. “Hey, let’s go inside.”

“Let’s stay out here,” the twins said.

“Well you guys can stay out here, but Olivia and I are going to go inside.” Sophia said.

There weren’t that many people inside. There were a few guys getting drinks, and some people sitting on the couch.

We were just kind of standing there looking around for a few minutes when I saw someone who looked familiar. I squinted my eyes and tried to get a good look at them.

I could barely get the words out. “Omg Sophia that’s… that’s… its Regina George.”
“Are you feeling okay? Regina’s back home, 1,000 miles away and luckily we don’t have to see her face for another month, till school starts.”

“No, no I’m dead serious, she’s right there, on the white couch.” I pointed to her.

“You must be kidding me! That is her… but… how on Earth is she here? She’s supposed to be at some special camp in England for ‘special, pretty, privileged people’, as she would say.”

“I don’t know how she’s here or how she even knows people are out here, but we better book it out of here. I don’t want my summer ruined. That’s for sure.”

So many things were running through my mind. I could barely think. Everything about Regina, everything she had ever done came back to me. All I could think of was that I had to get away from that two faced, queen bee, boyfriend stealer, plastic Barbie doll, before my summer was toast.

Sophia started shaking, “Olivia, Olivia she’s… she’s coming over here… ohh… crap… our summer is screwed.”

And there suddenly appeared before us a 5’6 blonde bimbo named Regina George. She stood there with her hands on her hips and with that fake little smile of hers plastered on her face. “And why am I looking at your nasty faces right now before me, hmm…?”

I could tell Sophia was getting angry already. “Actually we’re here with Justin and Derek for your information.”

Regina smirked and laughed a fake little laugh. “So you really expect me to believe that you’re here with the twins, Brody’s friends? You guys, ya not in your wildest dreams. Brody, Justin, and Derek are my eye candy so stay away from all the Hampton’s hotties and no one gets hurt? Do… you… comprehend?”

I couldn’t believe it, I had to put up with her all school year and now summer. I still was just in shock. “Listen everything was fine before you got here so you need to go back to wherever it is you came from.”

“Obviously you girls have learned nothing this year. First of all I am superior to all so you don’t talk to me like that. So when you two are ready to come back from your little dream world to reality let me know.” She smirked, turned on the marble floor in her in killer heels and tripped. Then fell… fell two feet back. And there before us was a soaking wet Regina George in the fountain.

We couldn’t contain ourselves from bursting out laughing; it was perfect, perfect revenge that she put upon herself. That she most definitely deserved.

We waved back at her. “And that’s what you get. Bye Regina.”

Regina pointed her finger at us. “It’s on! It’s on! You messed with the wrong girl.”

Chapter 6

Revenge is sweeter than you ever were

The room was pitch black; we were both in bed exhausted. I kept running through the night’s events in my head over and over. I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I lay there awake staring up at the ceiling, still determined not to let Regina George ruin my summer.

I turned toward Sophia, made sure she was still awake, she was. “I guess Regina got her computes tonight.”
“Yep! She deserved exactly what she got, but she is not kidding. It’s on, once you mess with her there is no turning back. You just have to remember it’s not us, we didn’t do anything, were not the bad guys here, she is. She’s a life ruiner, she ruins people’s lives that just what she does.”

“I know, I know. I just don’t know if I can take her. We were in a constant battle all year with her. I just can’t stand her.”

“We’ll figure it out. She’s not ruining our summer that’s for sure. Not on my watch. Let’s go to sleep. We’ll deal with all this in the morning.”

“Love ya, night.”

Chapter 7
I Don’t Want to Think About Tomorrow

The sunrise was so beautiful the air so crisp. I was rapped up in the moment enjoying the beautiful weather. For a second there, I almost forgot about last night. I did’nt want to think about it, I wish I could just forgive and forget.

I knew eventually I would have to face her again, and hopefully that doesn't mean this summer. But I knew better than to expect Regina to get over it and leave us alone. There is no turning back with her.

Sophia walked out onto the porch, still half asleep, “ Good morning sweetie.”

“Will I'm glad to see you finally decided to get out of bed.”

“ will I had a pretty restless night. I just could not stop thinking about what happened with you know who. Last nights scene just like kept replaying over and over again. It was like a bad horror movie that never ends.”

“Same here. You know we are going to run into her, its inevitable.”

“It would be like World War III.”

“ Will bring it on, like start a war.”

Chapter 8

Mess with Me, I Mess with You

I knew in the back of my head that Regina George had a plan, an evil plan. That was going to turn my life around, while at least my summer. I could only imagine what went on in that girls head, but trust me I have a huge imagination. The girl had her ways of doing things. And I knew someone was going to get hurt. Very Hurt.

I peered out behind the silk ivory colored curtain that adorned Sophia's windows. It was raining, actually rather pouring. So for the time being we were trapped in the house.

I heard someone coming up the stairs.

“Is that you Sophia?”

“Well yes of course, who else?”

Sophia strutted into her bedroom, rather smiley than usual, wearing blue Juicy Couture velour track pants and a light pink Gap tank. Her hair was done in perfect loose tousled curls and she had on a full face of makeup, lip gloss included.

Sophia plopped onto her white silk duvet; cress-crossed her legs and continued to slowly sip her coffee trying to pretend like nothing was up.

I gave her my ‘what is going on with you look’.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Will come on what’s up with the whole hair perfectly done, full face of makeup, bubbly, smiley act.”

Sophie bit her lip to best hide her smile.


Ya right, I was going to get to the bottom of this right now, “Come on you can’t keep a straight face, something's going on, tell me, tell me.”

“Justin wants to meet for dinner. Derek's coming too. It’ll be fun, No Drama.”

“Famous last words, no drama.”

The restaurant was went by the name City Noava and it was lightly lit with candles and warm fire pits that were situated on the open air patio out back, that balanced out the candlelight quite perfectly.

We sat down at a low table, Derek and Justin already there. Sophia and I sat on two black leather stools across the table from the boys.

“ Hey-O-watch out look who’s here,” Justin jokingly shouted as we sat down.

Derek joined in, “TROUBLE. You guys, last time, claws were out, that was intense.”

“None of that will happen anymore (hopefully).” I said.

And just as those words came out of my mouth there in the corner of my eye appeared Regina. Was this really happening, , was she really here or was I just seeing things or better yet dreaming.

No it couldn't be, I pinched myself. Oh-gosh I wasn’t dreaming. She was sitting a good twenty feet away with some random guy at the bar. She looked kind of into him, good that meant shed leave us alone, she never interrupted her dates, even for catfights. But Regina doesn't have dates, she has ‘victims’ as I like to call them. And hopefully this ‘victim’ would satisfy her for tonight.


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