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April 29, 2010
By -Kristy BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
-Kristy BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
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"Truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth the hurt." -Bob Marley!

Great! Just my luck! Jenny Adams though angrily to herself as she flopped on the white, silk comforter in her room. The hottest party of the year, and, of course, I get grounded two days before it happens. Just my luck! Jenny ran her French manicured fingers through her black hair that waved gently down her petite body, almost all the way down to the small of her back. She sighed angrily; she needed to vent. Pronto.

“Just because I was watching a movie with my boyfriend in the same room as him, doesn’t mean I should get grounded!” Jenny raged to her empty, quiet room.

Jenny’s middle aged parents were talking just outside her door, talking about her punishment.

What could be more of a punishment than missing this party?! They seriously cant do anything more than this! That would be, like, child abuse! Jenny thought.

Jenny’s parents walked into her room without knocking.

That was rude.

Jenny glared her ice blue eyes at them; she was in no mood to be a kiss-ass to them. Not in any way, shape, or form.

“We are very disappointed in you, Jennifer,” Jenny’s mom said sadly, using her whole name; she definitely meant business.

Jenny’s mother, Jessica, was very much stunning to say in the least. With a black, silky bob, stylish clothes, not a wrinkle in sight, chocolate brown eyes that melted any straight mans’ heart, and flawless complexion.

“You shouldn’t have any reason to be disappointed in me,” Jenny retorted. “Due to the fact that I wasn’t doing anything.”

“We specifically told you Austin wasn’t allowed over since we weren’t home. But, you went against our wishes and brought him over anyways,” Jenny’s father, Ben, continued.

Ben was a good-looking middle aged man. He had light brown hair, that showed no signs of immediate balding, the exact same ice blue eyes Jenny had, and a wonderful tan.

“I hadn’t seen him in over three weeks, I love him and I had to see him!” Jenny shrieked.

“Jennifer!” Jessica exclaimed, pressing a ring clad hand over her black, cashmere, cowl neck sweater, to where her heart is, as if Jenny had said that her mother had a over-sized mole growing on her face. “You will not speak to your father that way!”

Jenny rolled her blue eyes. She was so sick of her parents acting this way! As if we were some cheesy Full House family. We used to just ignore our problems, like any normal family would. But then grandma came back into the picture and showed Jenny’s family the wonders of Jesus and they have never been the same.

Jenny may as well have been the spawn of the devil the way her parents were eyeing her.

Why are they even mad?! It’s not like Austin and I did anything! I wanted to hang out with him for a little bit before his game today! So he came over and watched a movie while we snuggled on the couch! It’s not like we were going at it or anything! Jenny screamed in her head.

“You may not go to Tiffany’s party, and that is final,” Ben boomed, using his “I mean it” voice. Normally, that voice scared Jenny, but not tonight. Not when she was so ragingly pissed that she could hit something, more preferably someone.

“Gee, I don’t think I got it when you screamed that at me as you chased Austin out of the house. Thank you so much for clarifying that for me, father,” Jenny snapped.

Poor Austin’s face was horrified as Jenny’s father used the Lord’s name in vain a few times. Ben had told Austin he had approximately twenty seconds to get out of the house if Austin had ever wanted to see Jenny again, which was a lie.

Austin had high-tailed it out of the house without another look back. Jenny wasn’t sure if that meant he had wanted to see Jenny again, or if he didn’t want to get his ass kicked by her father. Either way, she still felt bad for him.

Both Ben and Jessica stormed out of her room, slamming the door with a loud bang. Jenny sighed and looked around her room for something to do. She could call Tiffany and make up a totally awesome excuse as to why she cant go to her party. Flying to France? Dying relative? Your not cool enough? Nope. Jenny needed more time to come up with a better lie. It would be horrible if she used “I’m grounded” as an excuse! Not to a senior party. Jenny was only a sophomore!

Jenny flounced to her white laptop and booted it. She walked away from it while waiting for it to load and looked at herself in the full length mirror. She could see why every single guy in the school wanted her. She was gorgeous in every way! She had the semi-tan skin that only she could make look good, with her ice blue eyes, the long, raven colored hair that waved down her back, and her tiny frame. She knew exactly what clothes to wear, how to make the clothes work on such a small body, and how to put on all the best things on her face and in hair. She was always one hundred percent presentable, all the time.

Jenny walked back to her laptop and checked her email. She had a few emails from Tiffany, and one from Austin.


Sorry about what happened. Didn’t mean to get ya in trouble. You still going to Tiff’s party? Hope you are!


Was that Austin asking her to the party?!?! Why am I getting so freaked out about this? Of course he would bring me! He was my boyfriend after all.

Jenny’s heart still fluttered when she reminded herself that Austin was her boyfriend. Austin was a sophomore in high school just like her. But he was the most popular guy in school. Not to mention he was the hottest guy in school, too. And the sweetest.

Austin had light brown, shaggy hair, green as a leaf eyes, and a playful smirk that was always on his lips. He could do some pretty good things with that mouth, too…

Jenny responded immediately.


I’m gonna try to get the hell outta here. I’m grounded, but I’m not gonna let that stop me. I gotta see you at the party, and I’m going to. Text me or call me later on, ‘kay?



Jenny smiled to herself. She had a plan. A plan that was going to work.

Jenny looked down at her cereal in disgust. Who actually ate this kind of shit? It looked disgusting. All lumpy and soggy. It didn’t smell too great, either. She scooted her chair back with a loud screech and walked to her room where she had been hiding for the past day. Since it was the summer, she couldn’t go anywhere since she was grounded. She was still pissed at her parents, so she never left her room.

Jenny down at her iPhone and sighed when she saw the date. Tomorrow was the day of the party and she still hasn’t told anyone she’s not going. Not even her best friend, Tabitha. In fact, she hasn’t even called Tabitha.

“Jennifer! Please come into the dining room!” Ben bellowed from the dining room.

Jenny rolled her eyes. Since when did she have a dining room? They were definitely brainwashed. Nonetheless, she walked into the “dining room” and sat down at one of the cherry wood chairs with maroon cushions.

“We’d like to discuss your grounding,” Jessica informed her, intertwining her studded fingers together.

Jenny had never wanted her normal parents more in her life. They would never ever ground her for being with her boyfriend when they had said no. They wouldn’t have even said no! They would have told her to have fun and use protection.

Jenny waved her hand and raised her perfectly plucked eyebrows, urging her mother to go on. She clasped her hands together and rested her chin upon her hands.

“Well, since your grandmother is gone, we don’t have to act so… different,” Ben began.

Jenny could tell she had looked shocked. She hadn’t seen that one coming at all! That was just an act her parents were putting on for her Grandma Margaret?

“You guys were just putting on an act?!” Jenny shrieked, a grin forming on her face.

“Of course! Do you honestly think we would ground you for that?! We only did that because your grandmother was in the house. But she just left. So, you can go to the party!” Jessica exclaimed, smiling her perfect, white smile.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Jenny exclaimed. She hoped out of her seat and smothered her beautiful parents with kisses and hugs.

They smiled their celebrity-worthy smiles and hugged her back.

“Ok, well, I’m going off to shop! Would you like to go with me?” Jessica asked, standing up and smoothing out her tight, royal blue, button down shirt and brown dress pants.

“Of course,” Jenny replied as if her mom was mental for even asking.

Jenny skipped to her room to get dressed, do her hair, and do her makeup. She decided on a white, three ruffled skirt that hit the middle of her thigh, a tight, pink, silk, v-neck. She threw on her pink pumps and brushed out her long hair and lined her eyes with brown eyeliner.

“Ready!” Jenny called. She walked out of her bedroom, grabbing her phone on the way out. She had to text Austin and tell him the great news! He would be so excited!

“You look beautiful. Just right for today!” Jessica complimented.

Jenny grinned and walked to her mother’s car.

The drive to their favorite boutique was a quiet affair. Jenny and her mother exchanged a few words about what they wanted to buy and when they had to be back. But that was about it. Jenny mostly wanted to ask why her parents had acted that way, but she didn’t want to get grounded again. Not when she was so close to the party.

Jenny and Jessica got out of the car and walked into the small, quiet boutique. One of the three workers there, smiled at them warmly and continued to fold and hang clothes.

“I’ll be over by the bags, okay?” Jessica told her, walking away before Jenny could even respond.

Jenny looked at the racks and racks of clothes. Even though the boutique was small, but every available space was filled with clothes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, anything; Jenny was in heaven every time she walked in the store.

Jenny ran her fingers along the clothes and thumbed through them. She had no idea what she was going to wear. She could wear something short since it was going to be hot. Well, duh, its summer.

A dress? Maybe… it cant be too fancy though, it would have to be short, it cant be a ball gown. Or maybe some nice, colorful shorts and a cute shirt? Nah, too middle school. Jenny wondered as she looked over every single article of clothing. I’m going to get a short dress, maybe some cute heels, pretty bag, chunky jewelry maybe? Jenny finally decided.

Jenny had found the dress. The dress was a mint green color, it was silk and strapless. It looked pretty tight, but it had to fit her like a glove if she wanted to pull it off. She wanted to get the whole outfit done in one trip so she walked to the front and set it on the counter to keep it safe so no one else could take it while she tried to find the rest of her outfit.

Would a nice, leather jacket that fit look good with that? What color would go with the dress? Not red, I’d look like a Christmas Tree. Silver? Black? Black.

Jenny picked out a nice leather jacket that clung to her thin wrists and small waist. She picked out a pair of black heels and set all that on the counter as well.

A black chunky bracelet. Maybe some black drop earrings too? Nah, keep it simple with either a huge, chunky necklace or chunky bracelet.

Jenny picked everything out and waited for her mom at the counter. Her mother and father had taken away her credit card during their “brainwashing“, so she had to wait for her mother.

“Your Jenny Adams, right?” a small, timid voice asked from behind Jenny.

Jenny turned around to face a girl that was a foot taller than her. The girl had thick, curly, brown hair that was pulled into a low ponytail. She was the palest of white with dark chocolate brown eyes that were framed with a thick fringe of black eyelashes. The girl was lanky, very, very skinny. She was also very flat chested, too.

“Yeah?” Jenny inquired.

The girl seemed to be very shy. She messed with her ponytail and took the dark green ribbon out of her thick hair that matched her dark green pullover that was baggy on her tall frame.

“Are you going to… Tiffany’s party?” she asked, a blush coloring her pale face.

“Yeah, are you?” Jenny asked, just to be polite. Jenny almost felt bad for the girl, she was acting extremely shy, or scared.

“Yeah…” She rung her wrists and stared at Jenny. “This may sound weird, but your going out with Austin Davis, right?”

Jenny crinkled her eyebrows together. What the hell kind of question was that? Didn’t the girls sweater say the school name on it? Everyone at Jenny’s school knew she was going out with Austin, they were the sophomore “it” couple.

“Yes… why?”

The girl looked away from Jenny, not meeting her eye. “Well, I just heard that you guys broke up, and that he got someone… pregnant?”

Jenny jerked back in shock, she couldn’t help it. Pregnant?!

“No… we’ve been going out since freshman year, were very much together,” Jenny finally managed.

“Oh, well… I’m sorry to… uh, bother you. I’ll, uh, go now,” the tall girl scurried out.

What a freak! I swear to God if Austin is cheating on me, I will kill him and the girl he cheated on me with. Both of them will be dead. I swear it.

“You ready, sweetie?” Jessica asked, coming back empty handed.

Jenny could only nod, she didn’t want to cry. Damn that tall, skinny, model girl! Scratch that; she wasn’t pretty enough to be a model.

“My stuff is on the counter,” Jenny said simply, waving her hand towards the counter dismissively.

Jenny’s mom clacked her heels all the way to the counter to pay for it. While her mom was paying for it, Jenny tried not to hyperventilate. Did this mean that Austin was cheating on her since a rumor like that is floating around? No, Austin loves me. That girl is just weird. She was so… shy…

“Lets go, hon,” Jessica called from outside the door.

Jenny dragged her high heeled feet to the car and frowned as she got in the car. The car felt hot and humid, almost wet.

“Are you ok? You look upset,” her mom clarified.

“No, there’s a rumor going around that Austin is cheating on me. I know what your going to say, but it’s still scaring me, Mom,” Jenny explained frantically.

“Sweetie, there’s no reason to be anxious. He’s crazy about you. But, if your really that scared, then you should call him when you get home and ask him upfront.” Jessica leaned over to pat her daughters black hair.

Jenny smiled a little and looked out the window at the flying by scenery. She was excited about the party, but now, she was kind of anxious. Jenny was ninety percent sure that the whole school knew about the little rumor flying around and everyone was going to either: A) be totally bitchy about the rumor 2) or giving her those “I’m sorry” looks.

Jenny ran her fingers through her long raven colored hair and frowned again. Whenever she was nervous, her hand immediately went to her black hair to mess with it or run her hands it. It was a bad habit, she knew that, but she had to do it; it soothed her for some odd reason.

“I’m going in my room,” Jenny announced as soon as they pulled up to the house. Her mother nodded forlornly.

Jenny grabbed her bags from the store and walked into her room, shutting the door with her hip. She walked into her large, comfortable walk in closet. The closet was all white with a navy blue soft rug on the wooden floor. The walls were lined with racks and racks of shoes, jackets, cardigans, shirts, skirts, pants, shoes, purses, etc. The closet was phenomenal and envy-worthy.

Jenny walked back into her room, it was set up similar to her closet, but of course, larger. The walls were a pure, shocking white, with the pale wooden floors and the soft, navy blue rug. Her bed was a queen sized bed made out of a pale wood frame with a silk white duvet and navy pillows.

Jenny flopped on her bed and looked at the ceiling with a scornful look on her pretty face. She was going to call Austin, she was just trying to muster up the courage to do it. Her iPhone was pretty much glaring at her, telling her to do it. Jenny sighed, she must be going crazy. She dialed Austin’s number and listened to it ring.

“Hello?” Austin’s cool, calm voice answered, making Jenny’s heart flutter like a hummingbirds wings.

“Hey, A,” Jenny tried to respond just as coolly as he sounded, but failed miserably.

“Hey! Sorry about the other day, I didn’t mean to get you in trouble,” Austin apologized.

“Nah,” Jenny disagreed. “It’s cool. My parents were just putting on an act for my grandma. I’m not in trouble anymore, so I can go to the party.”

“That’s great, Jen!” Austin exclaimed exuberantly.

Jenny smiled and then felt retarded because obviously he couldn’t see the smile. “Yeah, I know. I heard a funny rumor today…”

“Oh really?”

“Yeah. I’m just gonna get straight to the point… you didn’t cheat on me and get anyone pregnant, did you?”

Jenny heard Austin’s sharp intake of breath. She seriously hoped that was from shock from the stupiditiness or the ridiculousness of the rumor.

“Did you?” Jenny demanded. She was starting to get frustrated! Why wasn’t he denying it profusely?!

“Of course not! I love you, Jenny!” Austin exclaimed.

The more Jenny thought about it, the more it made sense. She hadn’t been allowed to be with him for three weeks. What if Austin got payback and banged some girl without protection and now she’s knocked up?!

“Tell me the truth, Austin,” Jenny growled through her perfect straight teeth.

“I swear to God, Jenny, I didn’t- I haven’t been with anyone but you! I haven’t had time for anyone but you! I cant believe you would even think that!” Austin cried.

Jenny could tell he was telling the truth, and didn’t want to push it anymore since he sounded like he was getting mad. She could already picture his perfect, hot face scrunched up in anger and starting to get mad. The way his green eyes would flash and she would immediately curl into his lap and mess with his hair until he felt better.

“Ok, I’m sorry. It just sounded kind of shady.” Jenny ran her fingers through her hair. Jenny wished Austin was there so she could see his face and smell his sweet cologne.

Jenny heard him take a deep breath. “Its ok. Who told you that?”

“Some girl, she was tall, extremely shy,” Jenny recalled.

“Brown hair? Thick and curly?” Austin questioned.


How odd. How did he know that? She didn’t seem like a very popular girl, considering her painful shyness. How did he even know her? She couldn’t possibly be the girl he got pregnant, could she?

“She’s Tiffany’s friend. You know Tiffany…” Austin explained. Jenny could practically hear his green eyes roll.

Jenny breathed a sigh of relief. “You have no idea how freaked out I started to get. I thought you cheated on me.” Jenny chuckled nervously.

Austin chuckled too. “I would never do that.”

Jenny smiled. All her fears seemed kind of silly now. Austin would never cheat on her! Now she could keep her head high when she showed up at Tiffany’s party.

The author's comments:
This is the first semi-chapter. Tell me if you like it and if there are any mistakes. I had to get this down, so there might be a few. Thanks :)

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