The Idea

April 29, 2010
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The Idea
Car trouble really sucks when you and your older brother are trying to get to Florida by Monday, and it sucks even more when neither you or your 17 year old brother, Jacob, don’t know how to change a tire. But let’s not get into bad thinking right now it might jinx us.
An Idea

Well here’s the story I’m on a road trip with my older brother Jacob all summer in my brand new Mustang. We live in Virginia and we’re on summer break and loving it.

My sixteenth birthday is on the last day of school so I always have a party, but this year I didn’t have a party for me I decided to through a party for my brother, you see he just graduated and got a football scholarship to UCLA.
Let me describe Jake to you, he’s about 6’ 3”, super buff but not grossly buff and the star quarterback at our high school, but he’s not one of those dumb jocks that barely pass. Nope my big brothers a 4.0 student with an awesome personality that everyone loves, especially the girls. You see Jake was kind of a ladies’ man the buff jock type that all the girls loved, well except me because he’s my brother, can you say gross!

Just like my brother I inherited the tall jean, standing at 6’0” I’m definitely not the giggly girly girl type. I’m a more of a tom-boy seeing as I don’t wear skirts, dresses or much makeup and I am really very athletic. I run track, play volleyball, soccer and thinking of trying softball next year for my senior year. I’m like the girl version of Jake, but a bit more mischievous. We act like twins but we’re a year and a half apart and supper close.
But let’s get back to the party. Girls from all grades came just to see my brother shirtless and giggle at him, why I have no idea I think he’s a dork, but just probably because I’m his sister. He had an entire day devoted to him, just like any other day at school. By the end of the night I was so tired I just passed out on the couch, and dreamed the most amazing dream about me and Jake going on a road trip and having so much fun.

When I woke up I ran to Jake’s room jumped on him to wake him up. “Wake up you lazy bum.”

“What do you want Cathy,” Jake says half asleep.

“I have the greatest graduation present yet and it will get you away from mom and dad all summer” I say excitedly.

Well that woke him up. “I’m listening,” Jake says now fully awake.

“Well here’s what the idea is me and you are going on a road trip across the country by ourselves and leaving today, so get your butt up and pack”, I tell him.

“Do you really think mom will go for that?” Jake questions.

“She will after I work my magic on daddy”. I reply slyly.
“But what if that doesn’t work, Jake asks.
“Don’t worry big brother I’ve got a plan”. I reply mischievously
The Plan

“Hi daddy”, I say walking into my dad’s office.

“What’s up sweetheart,” dad replies barely looking up from his laptop.

“I was just wondering if me and Jake could go on a road trip, to spend our last month’s together and look at the schools I want to apply for next year”, I ask. Sur I stretched the truth a little but it’s worth the risk, I can’t tell daddy that we’re planning on partying and stuff like that.

“That sounds wonderful sweetie, when where you guys planning on leaving,” dad says.

“As soon as we got permission,” I reply.

“Well you’ve got my permission as long as you call everyday so that I know you guys are safe”, he says. “Have you talked to your mother about this yet?”

“Nope I was sort of hopping you would talk to her after we left, because we really want to go and she’ll just say no and that we can’t go anywhere without you guys. I thought that with your anniversary coming up you would love to be alone and this will give you that chance” I say truthfully

“Well you have a point there, we haven’t had alone time in about a year”, he says thinking deeply.

“Oh, thank you daddy you’re the best dad in the whole wide world”, I say excitedly hugging him.

“You better get a move on sweetheart, before your mother gets home from the mall in about an hour”, he reminds me.

“Okay! We’ll call you tonight”, I say rushing to tell Jake.

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