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May 1, 2010
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Everybody has something they wish they could change about themselves. Either its their nose, eyes, freckles, anything. I was once wondering if there was somebody that could answer all of our questions. That same day, I got in trouble, not by my teachers, not by the police, but by my very own flesh and blood. My parents. Well, what happened was, that on my bed, there are two pillows. One is nice and fluffy and the other is pretty much flat. My stepsister visits us on the weekends, which is about every 2 weeks. She has a pretty big pillow and since she barley even lives at my house, I took hers and replaced it with the flat pillow. My stepfather LOVES my stepsister and is always doing something better for her and leaving me the worst. When I do it, he throws a fit and I get trouble and end up with the bad pillow and I don’t mind, I mean it doesn’t matter anyway right?

That is only the start of it. Ten minutes later, my mom gives my little sister yogurt. She drops it all over the floor and cleans it with a perfectly good blanket that I use for comfort. I tell my mom, who is only few feet away. And then , BOOM!! Screams and shouts are going on all around the room. When the screaming is finally over, my little sister hits me with the dirty blanket. Since my little sister is terrified of my stepfather, I joke around and I threaten to tell him her evil deed. She starts crying and says that I hit her which is technically a lie. I defend myself, but my mom only trusts my little sister, and agrees with my little sisters lie.

Is it me or am I the only one who thinks that that is unfair? And I have always wondered why all of my teachers love me, and yet I can’t get my parents to trust me? I have a theory. Maybe its because I am so used to my mom that I am more comfortable around her and my stepfather, and since I am not used to seeing my teachers out of school, I don’t know what kind of a person they are and I feel like if I don’t obey them, then I am going to get the punishing of a lifetime. I mean, I visit my real dad almost every weekend, and I obey him just as well as I do to my teachers. Is that normal, or am I the only one? Is there somebody out there to answer my questions about life? Is their somebody out there that can relate to this and can admit that I am not crazy?

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