April 30, 2010
By Anonymous

The sky was grey and dim with clouds; the wind was damp with threats of rain and the smell of wood. Please don’t rain again the boy said to himself knowing his pleases would do nothing to alter the weathers decision. It was around four p.m. and the boy along with his other male companions’ enjoyed playing basketball in the front yard of their foster home. The home was two stories, big yet comfortable with six rooms and three bathrooms one for the boys, one for the girls, and one for the kind elderly couple that took care of them. Each room was decent size with wooden floors that squeaked whenever walked on a small closet, window, and twin sized bed which always had fresh linen on them. Outside was a covered porch, maple trees with a swing tied to one and a concrete slab where the boys now played basketball. The boy ,deciding to forget the weather called to his friend John to throw him the ball ;John then scooped the ball behind his back tossed it to Jerry who then jumped into the air and with plenty of confidence shouted ”Swish” giving his team the winning point. After much congrats from his other team members and no hard feelings from his opposing team Jerry sat on the corner to catch his breath. Jerry is a 17 year old boy that who considered by most very attractive. He was six foot almost 6’1, with an athletic physic. His hair was short and dark brown which keep his blue green eyes in stark contrast, his teeth were perfectly straight and white and his complexion was a light olive. Jerry was attractive, athletic and quick-witted and never had any problems with girls other than the fact he wasn’t willing to settle with one because he believed they always became too attached. Jerry believed that all girls were dependent and clingy so he hadn’t dated much in a while. “You know,” John started “there’s gonna be a new kid livin’ here.” “I know” Jerry replied “Do you know when their comin’”? “Hell if I know,” John replied,”I just hope they’ll be cool and not weird or anything I’m excited though, are you Jerry?” John said as though fishing for a response “Yeah I’m excited John” Jerry replied just to uphold Johns ideas and not knock them down; He could care less about another kid coming to the foster home. Just as this thought ran through his mind a grey Volvo appeared and when the door opened Jerry couldn’t have dreamed up what he saw. There stood a young woman around 5’8, 5’9 her hair was dark brown long and incredibly shiny even with the absence of the sun her figure could easily be compared to a supermodel, her eyes were shaped like almonds and her pupils were almost the identical to the color of his, her teeth sparkled and gave contrast to her bronze skin. Jerry without intent ran to her and stuttered for the first time in his life, “Hi I’m Josh-I mean John- I mean Jerry”. With a sweet smile the girl said “Well hello, Josh, John, Jerry do you mind taking my bag?” “Ok” Jerry said with a big stupid grin on his face oblivious to the fact she had just mocked him he grabbed her bag and together they walked into the house. Jerry didn’t even mind the fact that it had begun to rain.

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