April 30, 2010
By , providence, RI
Yes I understand that our family is kind of forced to love us, but other then our families, us girls want someone else to love other then our precious, loving, big, loud Dominican, family. I think it’s pretty funny how my huge gigantic family can still be strong and together when were so far apart. I laugh when im around my family, they just crack me up. I just can’t help it, ok. I don’t know, something about my family makes me want to live life right, and not mess it up, you know. I definitely don’t want to disappoint my family, well for a few reasons, because they are my family and they’re opinion means everything, if they don’t like something they would most definitely “blow up my spot”, meaning if they don’t like what im doing or who im doing it with they will ruin that thing. I know pretty funny. And as I said I have a big family so if my grandmother finds out im dating this guy or if I did something really wrong, or even had an F in math, the word will be spread to the whole family in a about, well a few hours to the least. I know hectic, but somehow I keep up with them. But like I said us girls really want to be loved by someone other then our family, and we want to love someone other then our family as well, maybe it’s a girl thing but its hard to call the person you really and truly love the one. Or is it just me!?

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