Pub Sub 6 Introduction

April 30, 2010
By , Park City, UT
The glassy waves washed over the tips of my feet as i looked up and saw a boy. It wasn’t a normal way of running, it was special. He nodded his head as he ran by and we caught eyes. We looked at each other for a long time while we smiled at each other. Looking down, I was embarrassed in a good kind of way. I heard a loud crash and looked up seeing the boy trying to gather a ladies umbrella. I wondered what had happened. I assume he ran into her umbrella so i giggled to myself. He saw my laughed and he laughed too walking up to me and told me his name. I cant remember what it was because i was distracted by a flock of seagulls that dove into the ocean after a school of fish. One of the seagulls dove his beak down and got it stuck on the net that was meant to be there so the fish wouldn’t come near the shallow edges of the water. He tugged and tugged and i realized he was actually stuck. “Help! Help! Help!” I screamed flailing my arms and run into the ocean. It got deep enough to where i couldn’t run so i swam, paddling as fast as i could, pushing the water away from me. I got to the seagull just in time and untangled his beak, i picked him up and out of the water and realized he was unconscious i pushed on his chest and he took in a breath. Thank god, at least he was alive. I walked back to the beach with him and carried him up the hill, into my house. I lay him down on my bed prepared to have him stay until he regained conscious. I heard a tap on the window and saw that same guy standing there. I slid open the glass door and he let himself in.

“I just saw you take into the water and I thought you were crazy or something. Then, i saw you carrying that bird and I decided I wan to help you with it.”

“Thank but i work alone. It was nice seeing you and all but I have a lot of work to do. I’ll see you at the beach or something.” I slid the glass door open for him to leave but he just sat down on the chair that was placed in the center of the room.

“What could you possibly have to do that I couldn’t help you with? You don’t seem like the kind of girl to work at the time. You have a husband?” He was playing with the string on his sweatshirt.

“Well, i have a lot of animals to get back to and i have a lot of invitations to make. No, i don’t have a husband, I’m 22, not 45.”

“So your a party planner and a pet shop employee?”
“No, not even close. I work for Teen Vogue, own a shelter for homeless animals and am the choreographer for Britney Spears and Hannah Montana, plus i own my own dance studio for disabled kids and in the summer I run a camp called You can do it! Its like a National Ability Center. Oh and in my free time I design wedding gowns, for my big day. Sound busy enough?”

“Wow, you really do need help huh? How do you do it all by yourself? Why would you even want to have that much on your hands?” He kicked off his shoes, which were flip flop’s, and they threw them self’s across the room.

‘Well, i get a joy out of helping kids and animals and I need a real job to afford a house right on the beach so thats why I do it.”

We heard a cough like noise coming from the bedroom and i grabbed a bottle of milk from the refrigerator and ran down the hall making a sharp turn into my bedroom. The seagull was awake! He made it! I put the edge of the bottle into his mouth and pushed down so the milk actually came out. He tasted it then tried to fly away but hit the sliding glass door. I opened it for him and he flew out and away towards the blue-green sea as it called out to its family.

“Aw,” I leaned against the edge of the window as i smiled watching the bird reunite with his family.

“It sure is something else.” He startled me as he stood right behind me watching the seagulls reunite. He was a little too close for my liking and i quickly jumped out of the way. “Do you want me to make the invitations first of feed the animals first?” I was shocked at the fact he actually wanted to help.

“Why don’t you go feed the animals.” I handed him bottles of milk and containers of food and the last thing i handed him was a piece of steak.

“What is this for?” He asked a little curiosity hint in his voice, he picked up the raw meat and turned it upside down and side to side, examining it.

“The tiger and lion. Be sure you rip it in half because they will get sick if one of them eats it alone.” I said and smiled on the inside knowing that i bet no one else had a lion and a tiger.

“Why do you have a tiger? And a lion?” He asked, but he clearly didn’t understand the part about them being homeless.

“Don’t worry, their friendly, they have been abused though so there a little scared of people. They wouldn’t hurt you, trust me.”

He fed the animals properly and came back in, put everything away and told me he needed to get home. He left his number on the counter and slid open the glass door and walked down the hill. No way was I calling him!

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