Day 7

April 27, 2010
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"Day 7"

“I remember now…”

The sun was finally setting out, glistening after a long winter. People were out hanging, hip-hop and R&B was blasting, being mimicked. Then the trail of laughter led back to us.

“Hey! I think you got a little sugar in your tank!”

Jay yelled out to the boy across the street; with the bright yellow and orange striped pajama pants. Danny and I busted out laughing, while the boy glared but kept a hasty walk. Music flowed out of my pocket but I ignored it, humor was still in the atmosphere.

“Mann that was funny, wonder if he mad?” Said Jay, I just replied

“Who cares, I was hoping he said something.”

Once again our random laughter that never gets old went into play.

Cling, Cling Jay ring feel. See the three of us have these custom rings; they shine so bright you know there fresh. They have our initials in each corner. But Jay’s was a little too big so it fell off time to time.

Laid back; wind blowing, drinks in hands, smirks on our faces, what could go wrong? The hands kept turning, my favorite song kept popping up occasionally, and the air was getting cool. Decided to head back home, walked in, said “Hey” the usual stuff, then went straight to my room. By the time I took a shower, got settled in, lowered my CD-player, shut off the lights, and got into bed, felt like I was about to doze off… however a light lit up and my song went off. Guess I should answer it now.


The voice was soft, in despair, trembling with the sound of tears. All I could ask was what happened? They said I was part of the blame, they said why I do them like this. A feeling of agitation came across me, I didn’t know what to say, I was tired of the bulls*** and hung-up.

“Day 1”

Open my eyes. Mann last night was aggy Jay and D were at the door, I got up and let them in, and then we just lay back in my crib.


“Ay… I got four voicemails from you know who.” I kicked my feet up on my bed and sipped my drink.

“For real, what was wrong…?” Jay said

“I don’t know, supposedly I’m part of the blame.”

“So what did you do?” D said, while checking out his ring.

I sighed and started looking through my phone.

“I didn’t do anything this time… just didn’t get any of their calls yesterday.”

“That’s kind of messed up.” D said

“Yeah true… but if you’re only half, what ells was the matter?” Jay said

“Well I got fed up and just hung-up…” I said…

A cloak of silence covered the room, so we turned the TV to some music videos. I have this feeling inside of me; I want it out, gone. It made me feel weak lost, as if what are now white clouds are turning grey, dim. All that day, stone mirrored us. Only a few minor chuckles here and there.

“Day 2”

It‘s Tuesday now. It is sort of cloudy outside; I remember when she told me she loved sunny days. How things would always feel just right, particularly opposite of a rainy day.

I scattered through my phone to find some of her texts… then I smiled. I kept scrolling down, and then my eyebrows scrunched together. The feel of heat rushed through me… I just tossed my phone, and headed to the door.

I’m walking outside; I’m type tired, almost at the corner when some dude wearing all black brushed into my arm. I looked back. His head was kept down, and he kept going. That really got me p***ed. I sat on a bench near the park. I looked to the ground, and then two shadows hovered over me.

Danny and Jay.

“What’s the matter?”

I decided if anyone should know it should be my brothers. If anyone could get me, it's them. The shade of the clouds darkened our view.

“I don’t know but with her it’s like I miss her… I do. But then whenever we’re together things get stressful, tense…”

"So that's what’s been ehffing with you... know what, think you should chill, relax, don't worry about it we understand. Love you bruh."Jay said.

Taking that in calmed the atmosphere, yeah I still had that feeling but it wasn't as aching. D and Jay said they were goanna head to the store and hit me up when they were at their houses. We gave each other dap and I watched them walk through the slightly chill filled air, down the soulless sidewalks. I went the other way towards my house. I zoomed in my view to spot out somebody in the distance. His head was down. I had many ideas but I said forget it. I reached my porch went back inside then straight to my room, I looked for my cell and called her. It rings and rings...

"Hello", she said

"Hey I..."

"Look I'm sorry for the other night; I hope you still care for me. Someone’s at the door. We need to talk later. Love you, bye." She hung up…

My lips felt numb at the fact, words didn't manage to leave them. But I was okay about it, relieved to hear her again. I couldn't wait. I scrambled through papers just to find one of her notes she left me, and I found one. It read...

“Since we first met, it was like wow... funny, caring, true, lovable. There’s been a lot of people I’ve ran into but you’re one that I want to stick around forever. You tell me the same sometimes, but I didn't know if I should believe you. Lol, but I think I do now.”

It was short, simple, and it had me grinning. I grabbed my pen and paper, with a poem in mind.

"Day 3"

Last night she never called back... I guess who ever was at the door was more important… Oh well…

"Day 4"

I Woke up. I hear little taps at all my windows. It’s drizzling. About a day with no contact, this might be my chance to vanish, evaporate from her. But no, I can’t do it. I lay back down. This time I wake up to the same noise, a tad bit darker out. I threw on some sweats, went with a long-sleeve, found some kicks, and then I was out the door.

Its quiet out, I can hear the drops… they sound lovely. The sun is gone, not living, at least not at the moment. I’m out here walking; hands are in my pocket, rain dripping down my face, as I take another step.


Were at the park; the grass is green, the air is fresh… she’s watching the lake, I shadow over her with a hug.

“Took you long enough to come see Me.” she said smiling

“Yeah but I’m here right, so chill-lax.” We took a stroll, adoring each other the whole time that day.

I pass the park given it a minor glimpse. Then the sound of thunder struck, I look to the sky.


“Why are you so moody?” I asked her.

“Well why you don’t answer my calls?”

“See what had done happened was, my phone be on vibrate.”

“Yeah okay, why do you be lying? You must not want to talk to me no more me guess.” she said with such sarcasm.

“Nah that’s not it, I got you though.”

“Yeah okay. Whatever.” She sounded disappointed, upset. I felt unfortunate she felt like that. From that point, that’s when that feeling inside of me first started, now I feel it revising.

As I approach the crosswalk, I check to see if any cars are coming, I only see a black figure coming the way I’m going. The light turned green and I crossed. I made it to the other side; then I hear cars zooming by behind me. The male in black passes me; head down, hood on and head phones in ears. I realized his head was down about to cross the street, I turned quickly, as he was stepping into the street, and grabbed him. He looked at me with eyes that appeared tiresome and shocked. Then he realized he was about to get hit, and shook his head and kept going. I stayed, because he looked thrill familiar, then I kept on my way.

My music goes off, it’s a text.

D – were yuh at?

I – am flying solo right now gotta hit yuh later.

It goes off again, but I ignore it and put it on vibrate. I stand in front of her house. I step up the stairs and wipe my face, I pause. Rings her door bell and knock four times. I look at the time it’s not that late she’s always home around 7-8’ish. But no answer, I knock four more times, and then a shiver runs through me. I take a step back from the door, and sit on a chair, on the porch. Wow… that’s all I can think right now. I call her… but no answer, her phone is always on the charger, so I know it’s not dead or anything. I stand back up, and walk to the edge of the porch, what to do…? I head back home.

It’s around eleven; I decided to call her sister she probably knows what’s up. The phone rings…

Ciarah –


“Aye what’s good Cece? You talked to your sis lately.”

“I’m okay, and nah I haven’t talked or seen her all day, I thought she’d be with you.”

“For real… nah I went by no answer, I called no answer I’m just trying to see her again.’’

She took a pause

“Wait someone’s calling I’ll get you back”

“Aight cece.”

I turn on my music; I kick back and backtracked some thoughts about her. But with every good one, a bad thought followed. Damn. I try to fall asleep… Music goes off; I check the time, four in the morning?


Ciarah –

“We can’t find her. She’s missing.”

“Wait what? She’s missing?”

“Yeah me and my friend went by not too long ago, and we couldn’t find her anywhere, we called every one she knows, and they had no clue. You’re the closest thing to her.”

“I know I know… Mann… I really don’t know…”

Ciarah –

“Wait. She did have an argument with some guy a couple of days ago, while we were chilling. He kept staring, so she went in on him.”

“Word, what’s his name? What was he wearing?”

“I don’t know, but he was wearing some loud yellow and orange striped pajama pants.”

(Things came back to me. “You got a little sugar in your tank” the laughter, his glare. That guy wearing all black, that’s was him, the same guy.)

“I’m goanna find out what’s going down, I got to go, bye.”

Mann… the hell is going on? I grab my cell and look at it. Then lay down to think.

“Day 5”

Woke up, still in a daze.

Trying to piece together a puzzle that might not even be there.

For once I’m lost.

Sounds aren’t coming to me clear, things I see, seem far from near.

I headed to the door with a goal in mind,

Find the one who wear’s all black, he knows.

He must know… it would make since then.

Wandering for hours, then finally he’s in sight.

I approach.

“Aye I heard bout, that argument. So what did you do to her?”

“What you talking about?” he said

I Spit to the ground, then glare into his eyes,

“Don’t Ehff, with me what happened with her?”

“…Oh… Oh her. S***. You’ll find out”

“What you mean by that?”

I Scouted around, and spotted 5-O patrolling the block. He saw them to.

“Well I said what I said.” Then he went off. I had to let him go, or things would’ve escalated and I’ve would’ve done something and got me arrested. Chirp… my phone dies.

Now I stand in a daze.

My mind’s in search for more stepping stones.

But for now I’ll head back home.

“Day 6”

Yeah that’s what I’m a do. I Head back to her house. I stand there out in front, just looking. I walk up to the door to see if it’s opened. It was locked. I guessed Cece locked it when she left. Just as I was about to sit on the chair a thought came to me. I headed around to the back of the house. I viewed around to find something, anything but nothing was out of place. Until there I saw the basement door sort of cracked open. Like someone tried to close it but didn’t put enough energy in it. I slowly made my way over to the door. I open it; it made that screeching noise, it assaulted my ears. The darkness made my hands clutch. But the urge to find out brought me inside. I put my hands in front of me, I couldn’t see them… Yeah it’s that kind of darkness.

I reached into my back pocket to take out my cell. I used its light so I can check things out. I looked everywhere but things weren’t out of place. The sound of the house settling startled me a few times. But then I shined the light down… tear’s hit the ground as my eyes sparked the reflection of the shiny object on the floor. I reached down… a ring…?

I dipped out the basement slamming the door. The night followed me home. My phone is dead.

“Day 7”

I didn’t sleep. I couldn’t sleep. All last night I sat by the window in my room of darkness grasping the ring in my palm. I didn’t bother letting my phone charge all the way, so I grabbed it and stood up. I know what I have to do. I look at the door… I’m a walk out this time and pray I return with an answer. I Swing the door open, the sun is out shinning. She would have loved a day like this. I picture her smiling under the sun, twirling around enjoying the time, reaching out for me. She’s truly happy. I have to find her.

I make my way down the strip, through the cut, around the corner then the second house on the street. I can’t wait no more now. I slam open the door, my eyes filter, Where is she?

D and Jay dropped their joysticks, and turned to me with the eyes of concerned, confusion.

Jay –

“We told you we love yah Bruh...”

“What did ya’ll do, why did ya’ll do it?” I take off my ring.

“See this, it doesn’t mean s*** if she’s not okay. What happened?”

“Chill look. You’ve been different lately, having harsh times on yourself. We didn’t really know what was up. But five days ago you told us. We were looking out for you bruh. So before we headed home that night we made a stop and it wasn’t at the store, but to her house. I knocked while Jay went around back soon we were in.”

D stood up and held his hands in a gesture of sorrow. Steaming tears ran down my face. I shook my head.

“What did you do with her…?”

A moment passed, and then I bust out the door, running to the old ware house down the avenue… I get there; it’s worn out burned and deserted. I head inside to the lower level, then turn to a long dusty caved in hall I manage my way through it, and there. What looks like a figure, I see a body blindfolded, with hands and legs tied. I get on my knees and free her. She’s barely moving I try to revive her. No response. I lift her up and carry her in my arms. On our way out she looks up at me.

Tiffany -

“I thought you stopped caring...” She smiles and closes her eyes.

“Of course not… Of course not…” as I step closer and closer to the light, I realize the feeling inside of me is gone… I got this.

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