Big Ole' Willy

April 27, 2010
By -x-Heart_Decay-x- BRONZE, Elkhorny, Missouri
-x-Heart_Decay-x- BRONZE, Elkhorny, Missouri
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“Willy, get ready, it’s almost time for school!”
Willy’s mom, Wilma Whale yelled up the stairs. Willy yawned and got out of his seabed. He swam downstairs and when he got in the kitchen he could smell his mother making his favorite breakfast, fried plankton.
“Thanks, mom.” Said Willy, when a big, steaming, dish of fried plankton was dropped in front of him. Willy scarfed down his breakfast and hurried out the door.
“Have a good day, honey!” Wilma yelled after him.
“I hope so…” Willy grimaced.
? ? ?
“Uh-oh, it’s Big Ole’ Willy’!” Carl shouted when Willy came into the classroom. Him and a bunch of other fish started laughing. Carl was the Clownfish in school, and making fun of other fish was his deal. Willy didn’t say anything. He just sat in his seat and pretended to start working on something. But this just made Carl even angrier.
“Hey! I’m talking to you fatty!” He almost screamed. He was fuming.
“Just ignore him,” Willy thought. “Don’t look up, just keep working.” Luckily, the teacher popped in before anymore could be said.
After class was dismissed, Willy carried all of his things and started towards his next class. He saw his friend, Angie the Angel Fish, and she waved him over. Out of the blue, Carl came from behind and knocked all of Willy’s books and folders out of his fins. Carl and his buddies left Willy laughing and pushing each other around. Angie rushed over to her friend.
“Are you okay?” She asked, grabbing his things scattered on the seafloor.
“Yeah, I’m fine...” Angie knew he was lying, he didn’t really sound convincing.
“No you’re not! I’m gonna talk to that guy and straighten him out!” She exclaimed. Willy grinned, if anyone could get Carl to stop teasing him, it was Angie.
? ? ?

Afterwards at recess, Willy rushed up to Angie, almost sure she had convinced Carl to stop bothering him. “So how’d it go?” He asked hopefully.
“Horrible, he said he wasn’t going to stop and he said I would be sorry for sticking up for you!” Her eyes filled with tears. “He told everyone at school that I never take a shower!” Willy was furious.
“What are we gonna do now?” Then a group of students passed, and started to giggle. Angie and Willy just floated together, alone and very sad. Then a large shadow passed over them. They looked up and started o scream.
“Get away! Get away!” Willy pleaded.
“Please don’t eat us!”
It was Sammy, the Shark. Angie and Willy had both heard from Carl that he… ate other fish!
“It’s okay guys.” He said. “I’m a vegetarian.” Angie and Willy were really confused, but Willy knew not to give in. It could be a trick.
“But Carl told us- whatever he told you, it was a lie. Just like those mean things he said about you guys.”
Angie decided to speak up. “So, you figured since we’re all outcasts, we could play together?”
Sammy smiled, his rows of sharp teeth gleamed. “Sure, why not? And I’ve got a plan.” He told them an idea he had to get revenge. They would do all sorts of cruel pranks to him, “And see how he likes it.” Angie went with it, she couldn’t wait for Carl to be embarrassed like she felt.
“No, it’s not right.” Willy said. “If we sink to that level, we’d be just as bad as Carl.” Angie and Sammy were pretty ashamed of themselves.
“I’m sorry,” Sammy said. “He just makes me so mad!”
Willy nodded. “It’s okay, I’ve got a better idea.”
? ? ?
After recess, Willy, Angie, and Sammy swam into class together, talking and laughing. It didn’t take , Carl long to come up to them and started bugging them again.
“Wow fatty, you’re hanging out with the cannibal now?”
Willy laughed. “Yeah, I guess so!” Carl frowned.
“Hey Angie, when was the last time you took a shower?” He tried to bounce back.
“Just yesterday. Thanks for asking.” Angie smiled.
“Okay, you guys are acting even weirder than usual.” He growled. They all laughed and sat down. During class, Carl sat alone, and he didn’t even talk the entire time.
Willy waved goodbye to Sammy and Angie and began to swim to his house.
“Wait for me!” Someone yelled. Willy turned around. It was Carl! He caught up to Willy, breathing heavily.
“I’m sorry,” He finally said. “Can we be friends?” Willy was taken aback, but even after he remembered all the mean things Carl had done to him he said,
Carl grinned and Willy and him both went their separate ways. Before he disappeared he turned back and said, “Thanks, Big Ole’- I mean, Willy.
Willy started swimming towards home; he couldn’t wait to tell his mom what a great day he had.

The author's comments:
It's about a big whale who gets made fun of

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