You Found Me

April 27, 2010
By carshea BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
carshea BRONZE, Glen Ellyn, Illinois
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Theodore was walking alone through the fresh white snow. It seemed like the snow was dumping down on him, making it almost impossible to see. He walked for about 2 miles until he heard a sound he has never heard before. As he got closer, he recognized the noise. He remembered it from when he was separated from his mom as a cub. There was a terrible snow storm and Theodore had been buried in the snow. His mom searched and searched but was unable to find him. He shuddered. It was the noise of a dog. It seemed very familiar as he edged around the corner of an old white shack. As soon as he saw her, he knew who she was. Jillian.

“Mom?” Theodore whispered from the edge of the shack.

Jillian looked around but didn’t notice Theodore shaking in the corner, so she went back to digging.

“Jillian?” he tried again. Jillian shot up and looked back towards the building. She spotted Theodore. She trotted toward him.

“Mom! It is me!”

“How do you know my name?”

“Mom, it is me, Theodore.”

“Stop lying,” she whined, “I lost my son five years ago in a snowstorm.” She said matter-of-factly as her eyes began to tear up.

“I know. That was me.”

She knew deep down that he was her son but she knew she couldn’t keep him. He wrapped his arms around her as she wept. She then suddenly broke away from him.

She began to run away from him. Confused, Theodore then ran after her. He slid on his back in front of her to stop her. Showing off how coordinated he had become.

“You cannot be here,” Jillian stammered. It was then that Theodore noticed the old rusty chain around her neck.

“What happened? What is going on?”
His eyes followed the chain all the way back to the old white shack, then went back to Jillian’s tearing eyes.

“I’m really sorry, Theodore.” The old screen door slammed open. Jillian whimpered. An old man stormed out.

“Jillian!” he shouted. “Jillian!” he stammered again, “Get over her you dog!”

“Mom…” Theodore mumbled as his mom slumped away.

“Go,” Jillian stated, “go now.”

“But, Ma’”

“No, Theodore.” He was too late. The man took Jillian inside and Theodore had no choice but to walk away.

“Bye Mom. I love you.” Theodore said quietly to himself before walking off into the distance.

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