The Case of the Exploded Ship

April 27, 2010
By skvvy929 BRONZE, Glen ELlyn, Illinois
skvvy929 BRONZE, Glen ELlyn, Illinois
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The waves lashed against the hull of the Sivile. Gal lounged on the top deck of the extravagant cruise ship. The waiter strolled over to her, “Madam would you like to try our delicious Carmel Crème Brulee?”

“I’m good, merci,” Gal said politely.

“A hint of French you speak,” the waiter commented back.

The day slowly faded to night and Gal retired to her suite. Late that night Gal woke up to a loud noise in the distance. She took a double take around the room like a lost owl at night. She slowly slumped back to sleep not wondering what the noise had been, even though an orange gleam had covered the north wall of her room.

The next day Gal marched to the captains’ deck and requested to speak to the captain. “Sir, I would like to know what that loud ruckus was in the distance last night.” Gal questioned sharply.

“Madam, I am authorized not to tell you,” the captain spoke in a monotone voice.

Gal knew she couldn’t ask again or she would have been in deep trouble. She trudged off in fury. Later that morning Gal was getting her breakfast in the Fiesta Room of the Sivile when she overheard two crew mates talking about a ship explosion in the distance last night. The mates said the ship was transporting gas and petroleum. Gal went off to her suite, grabbed her phone, and called her friend Guy Vincent.

“Guy, I have terrible news. There was a ship explosion in the treacherous water in the Atlantic,” Gal said gasping for breath in between words.

“Was there any other news you heard of about this?” Guy asked.

“Only that the boat was owned by Damon Yes of Yes Auto Parts.”
Also it was transporting ten thousand gallons of gas and petroleum.” she replied

“Okay, I will research this topic.” Guy commented.

Later that day Guy researched Damon Yes online. He came upon an intriguing website which gave a full description of his business life and his hatred between him and a foe company owner named Michael Metal.

Guy researched the owner’s name. He found that he had taken a trip across the Atlantic the night of the explosion. Guy decided he will give a call to Metal and have him take a quick brisk talk with him.

The next morning at exactly 10:15 Michael Metal walked into Vincent’s office.

“Sit down!” Guy sharply called to him as he slammed the door behind them. “Now tell me all you know about this ship explosion.”

“Well, my CEO’s and I were going to visit our new sponsors in Italy. We had a fine trip that night and fine trip back,” answered Michael in a boisterous tone of voice.

“To my calculations you passed right over this ship explosion and had been flying at a pretty low altitude, am I right?”
“Yes we were flying pretty low because of a sea storm above us. If there was any explosion it must have gone out,” Metal replied

“I suggest you be put in a federal jail for many accounts of murder and sabotage!” Vincent yelled.

How did Guy know it was Michael Metal who caused the explosion?
SOLUTION: The fire couldn’t have gone out in the ocean. It was a gas fire and water does not put out gas fires. Also, Metal would have saw the fire burning if he was low to the ocean and right over it since it was night.

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