The Happening

April 21, 2010
By Abbey_love SILVER, Sacramento, California
Abbey_love SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

Alexandra Johnson is the best soccer player her selective team has ever seen so far she had won them all the games with her wrist breaking goal scoring kicks. One day Alexandra or Alex for short was at the Jefferson Park with her two best friends Carrie and Vincent. They were just sitting on the park sign hanging out Alex absorbed in her second favorite thing to do reading. When Carrie and Vincent see a group of girls that they know I a gang because there neighborhood is a little ghetto they freak out a sprit back to Vincent’s house but Alex absorbed doesn’t really notice but when she hops down from the sign she fells a blow to the head. Surrounded by girls she doesn’t know “what are you doing?” another blow to the head. Alex right then realizes what is happening, she was getting mugged. This one knocks her down her phone slides out of her pocket. “Of” a kick to the stomach. “Oh look someone’s from a nice house” they had spotted the bike she had just won a couple of days ago in a breast cancer walk the girl walks over a takes it. “Oh lookie here, a phone? It is” she picks it up and pockets it. After that they went back to beating her half to death. But the one thing that would hurt the most is what happened right before they left; barely conscience the biggest girl of the entire one who started it grabbed her leg and stomps on it. Alex hears a crunch that hunts her when she longs to play soccer again or run. She would have the cast for the rest of indoor season and possibly part of outdoor. A few days later once she leaves the hospital and cops are done trying to question her about who did it to see if they could get the stuff back. But she couldnt remember a thing from when she realized what was happening to when her leg broke. Alex was back at school for the first time since it happened. Carrie and Vincent had taken it upon themselves to tell everyone what happened which was kind of good and bad. Good because she wouldn’t have to tell anyone and bad because maybe she did want to tell them. Carrie had caught up with her; great Alex thought and I was doing so good for avoiding her and Vincent for a girl on demon sticks or crutches. “Alex wait I’m. . . ““You’re what Carrie? Sorry? Guilty? Hmm?” “I’m sorry” people were stopping in the hallway now since Alex had shouted “yea well sorry won’t get me back on the field or my bike back or my phone!” Alex replied rather harshly. Carrie recoiled at the words bringing yelled by her once best friend “I know we should have left but we freaked” “yea but if I was you and you were me I would have gotten your attention.” Vincent came up to stop the shouting “Alex cool it.” “Don’t tell me to ‘cool it’ because I should be yelling at you too. Do you two realize that I got kicked of my team because of this? So next season I can play I have to start from scratch and get back into shape!” “Alex we are really sorry” Vincent tried. “Whatever real friends would have left me there” “whoa Alex you have gone too far.” “No Vincent I don’t think I have! I have to get to class it takes me twice as long now” “Alex wait “ they both called but Alex cut them off “wait for what for you to build a time machine! Well no thanks I have enough waiting for a life time with this cast! Bye” “bye” she heard them call weakly after her. She knew she would regret that later but right now she had to focus on getting to science class. After school they tried again and this time she thought she would hear them out for a little at least. “Alex we are really sorry.” They said in unison she raised her eyebrows to let them know she was listening “we didn’t mean for this to happen at all” Carrie said “I know I guess I’m kind of mad that I can’t play” “we know you are and that reasonable, but could you not take it out on us? Please?” Vincent said “yea I’m sorry I was out of line earlier” “friends?” Carrie asked timidly “Best” Alex replied confidently “yay!” they all chorused.

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i<3eric! said...
on Feb. 8 2011 at 11:03 pm
omg sooo good i love i! but it ended a litttle too fast!


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