April 20, 2010
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Faith was in the weight room punching the punching bag with so much force that she had to move aside or catch it so it wouldn’t hit her. Each time her fist made contact she breathed a cuss word. Her phone started going off; she stopped long enough to see who it was and read it. Bobby: ‘Where are you?’ She didn’t respond but went back to punching. Bobby sent her five more minutes before he found her.

“Faith!” he called. “Faith, didn’t you get my messages?”

Panting, she grabbed a towel to wipe her face on and said, “Yeah I did.”

“Why didn’t you answer?” he asked.

“Because you don’t own me. I don’t have to jump when you say jump.” She spat.

“I never said you had to.” He said while staring at the floor. “I just want to talk.”

“I’m not in the talking mood. Why don’t you just leave me alone.” She let anger creep into her voice on the last word. Booby looked shocked and hurt all at once.

“O.k.” He barely managed. As he walked away, Faith started to open her mouth to call to him but closed it and went back to the punching bag. As she punched tears stung her eyes and she punched even harder wanting the image of Bobby leave her mind.

“I’m sorry Bobby. It’s better that you don’t know anything…at least for now.” she whispered to the bag she held to her body.

After another 20 minutes Faith grabbed her towel and left the swinging bag for the last time. She want to the girls locker room and when she entered three other girls where changing. Each one looked at her and each one gave her a different look. One was pity, one hate, and one understanding. She just walked past them and went to her locker. As she changed she listened to the girls conversation about Bobby. They said he looked like some one had ripped out his heart and he didn’t want to live any more. Each word they spoke it caused her more pain. Again tears stung her eyes. She slammed her locker door and stormed out of the room.

Faith laid on her bed with her face buried in her pillow. As she cried a soft knock sounded on her door.

“Go away.” she said as strongly as she could.

“Dad’s going to be home today.” Tony, her twin brother said. “I think you should leave before he gets here and let him calm down.” Tony shakes the door knob. In a scared voice he said, “ Faith, dad said he was going to kill you and he always means what he says please Faith leave.”

“Let him. I don’t have anything to live for.” she cried.

“Yes you do. you’ve got me. You’ve got Bobby. And you’ve got your son. You need to be here for your son.” Tony told her.

“My son? Who’s raising him? Not me. Bobby’s p***ed at me and you….you’ve NEVER been there for me so why start now?”

“Because I love you.” Tony held his hand to the door hoping he could hold his sister. Sighing he said, “Faith I’ve got to go. I’m sorry I’ve never really been there for you but I promise I will try to always be there. I love you and I’ll be back a little later. Faith please get out before dad gets home. I’ll talk to you later.” He waited for a response but none came and slowly he walked away.

Jumping up from her bed, Faith ran to her door but she’s too late. She goes to her brothers room and wrote on a piece of paper:
Tony, listen I’m sorry for what I said and I love you .
I know dad will kill me but I can’t leave I have to
protect my son. When you get home go to my room
and what you find please give to Bobby.
-love Faith
Leaving the room she stopped by her sons and kissed his head and said I love you. With tears streaming down her face she went to her room and closed the door.

At 9:30pm her dad slammed open the door and stormed up the stairs. He throws open the door and yelled “You sl**!” He picked up her text book and using all his weight swings the book and hits her with it.

Tony came home to cop cars, an ambulance, and a crowd of people. “FAITH!” he screams. He passes a cop car. His dad sat in the back his face still red with anger. Tony walks past it without another look. “Mom where’s Faith?” Tears flowed down her face on to the baby as she shook her head. You didn’t leave. Why Faith? Why? He held her as they cried.

The next day at school Tony ran into Bobby and gave him the letter.

“What’s this?….are you ok?” He asked when he saw Tony’s red and puffy eyes. Shaking his head no he walked away. Bobby open the letter and read:
Bobby, if you reading this that means I’m gone. I’m sorry for
what I said today and I wish I could change it. If you go into
my room and open the second drawer of my dresser you’ll
find the birth certificate and social security card for my son…our son.
I didn’t tell you before because I knew my dad would kill us both but
our son needs you now he doesn’t have ma anymore. I love you
Bobby and I always have but I’m afraid this is good-bye. I
wanted to see you one last time before I went but I couldn’t. Please
don’t cry our son needs you to be strong. Take care of him and protect
him. I love you and let him know I love him too.
Good-bye until we meet again


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