The first day of school

April 20, 2010
By Hannah Riech BRONZE, New Berlin, Illinois
Hannah Riech BRONZE, New Berlin, Illinois
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it was the first day of fourth grade. all of the kids wanted one specific teacher and that was Ms.McNage, but some were lucky and some were not. there were a total of 117 students and there were only five teachers. one little girl who didn't want Ms.McNage as her teacher, Lexie got her. there was one thing wrong. why would all but one student want the same teacher except for Lexie? well,Lexie didn't want Ms.McNage as her teacher because she was her neighbor and knew what she was really like. Ms.McNage had really gone to jail three years before she had began her teaching job, for abussing kids at her old school. all of the other students wanted her because they thought she was really nice, but but when she was in her classroom, things began to get ugly. Ms.McNage started throwing chairs and running her finger nails across the chalk board, and from that day on no one ever wanted Ms.McNage as their teacher again.

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