The Buffalo that Flew Away with the Wind

April 19, 2010
By TreeTopWriter SILVER, Davenport, Iowa
TreeTopWriter SILVER, Davenport, Iowa
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The fierce spring winds whipped at Khwan’s pitch black hair. The bitter chilly air bit at his bare chest. He was totally still. Nothing in the world mattered except one thing. It was standing right in front from him, oblivious to the fact that the cocked arrow in Khwan’s bow was aimed right at him. It was a young male buffalo, having its afternoon meal. It didn’t know Khwan was attempting to get the same thing. Khwan’s bright face paints shone like the flowers that were starting to poke through the dirt. His face was strained with a frown of determination. He took one daring step. Ploof…his foot gently landed on a patch of baby grass. But the tiny sound did not reach the ears of the buffalo. Khwan stopped himself from uttering a cry of relief. Then he realized that they were not so different from each other. They both had families, and the same needs. Food, water…happiness? No, the buffalo had no happiness, did it? But it was trying to enjoy a nice day, and Khwan was going to end it. He was about to lower his bow when he thought of his family. Beads of sweat fed the grass and the world came to a halt as Khwan let go of the arrow. Swoosh. Khwan realized the buffalo didn’t know how soon its life was really ending. The arrow reached its beating chest…and he breathed no more. Khwan would give everything to take that moment back. He cried over the dead buffalo for hours until the big orange ball that was the sun dipped into the horizon. But the buffalo was no longer alive, gone you might say. And so they flew away with the wind.

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