retards reloaded in high school!

April 19, 2010
By Yamilli Prasad BRONZE, Hyderabad, Other
Yamilli Prasad BRONZE, Hyderabad, Other
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I sat in my usual place in my English class, in the second last bench right behind mike. To my pleasure and gratefulness Mrs.Ebeniza was not present and no other teacher was willing to take our class. Everybody hooted in joy, that, at least today for 1 period we were not gonna be dogs in the cage to act to the Galton whistle and to take the orders of the demon.

Mike entered the class and I could say that to his astonishment he didn’t find a teacher sitting in front and dictating us what to do and what not to do. He sat in his usual place in front of me. I can ask luck had destined its fortune and as well as unfortunate, i.e. my classmates were out on due responsibility of their duty that I was left alone.

Mike turned back facing me with his childish and sort of dull which always seemed to be like that for no reason or its by birth said “hey”
I could no rather tell anything but reply back in hi.

To my discontentment I was preparing for my debate speech which was supposed to be held today but was post pond to due reasons which I’m unaware of. I asked mike “hey would you like to listen to my speech for the debate?” to my pleasure and he had no regrets of agreeing for what I had asked. He seemed pretty much excited but I wasn’t sure what it had to do with it.
It was not long enough, guess, not more than 3 minutes. He asked with a surprisingly question mark in his tone “hey is it really for the debate I mean it sounds for like an assembly speech or something”

Argh.. why on earth did I even had to ask him, now this left me no where but in embarrassment. Dint I mention in earlier?
“yes, well I suppose its your fault of not noticing what I had earlier mentioned, that its for the debate, mike”

This made him smile sluggishly without any reason which I could think or find.
It was hard to ignore it after all I have to admit it in a sigh that I have a crush on him, not much long enough after he started sitting with me in the earlier days and now he has shifted in front on reasons which caused him to were the mad insane nevertheless fit for nothing people started teasing us.

To my happiness we had started a conversation and now he was sitting opposite to me with his face inches away from mine but that dint disturb us. To my surprise I failed to notice the darting eyes of my classmates on us which probably must be wondering “are they going on or what?”
But mike dint seem to examine my sudden behavior of noticing things around us change but I should have known and expected that it wont be for long enough for them to indulge in their gossips and b****ing about people.

“what do you wanna become in future?” I asked him looking into his eyes, pitch black, which well suited his Tibetian eyes.
“I wanna do IIT ..” I interrupted him with slight show of disgust “ah! Everybody only wants to do IIT as if there is no other way of survival” “well, I dint yet complete my sentence, I want to take up IFS” whoa that’s a supreme select of job and a good ambition!

We were just talking and I suddenly felt an urge to confess that I had a crush on him, the very voice inside me was forcing me to tell him. “hey I wanna tell you something.” Mike was still smiling, I mean I love his crooked smile which goes on with his look. And then all of a sudden I went “just forget it, I don’t want to tell okay.” I dint know what made me say that but I did. I mean, what if he doesn’t like me the way I do then that leaves us nowhere but the end of our friendship I shall assume.

“just say it, you keep me wondering all night what it was”
Something about his sentence and words gave me the confidence to say it out loud and there I go “I have a crush on you” I was so fast he had to wait and observe my words first and then he realized what I had just told “what?” is all he could say.

“yeah I do, I’m not kidding. Mike do you like me?” I asked in an intense way. Hey what if he says no then I’ll be embarrassed and I wont be able to face him in my whole life. He split out his words introspectively “I like you but…” tring! There goes the bell and I was wondering what he meant after saying but. I assumed in an unfortunate and in a fortunate way, he got up from his bench picked up his back pack and strode off for his next class. He looked back before leaving the class and smiled at me and left without a word.

What shall I consider form that fact- that we’re dating or he likes me or whether he only wants to be my friend?

Unfortunate ‘cause I couldn’t get to know what he was going to tell after but and fortunate ‘cause what if it was ‘but I’m sorry I already have a girlfriend’ thankfully if it was what he was gonna tell then I prefer not hearing it. Thank god! Well I shall not thank god for this ‘cause he dint have to do anything with the school bell so I give credit to my school administration for timing the bell at correct times.

It was the home bell and I feel the urge to go home and so I just drove about on the outskirts of the town. Mike. Mike Austin could be considered as a dream boy for most of the girls in high school who would love and practically die to go on a date with him. He is after all so cute, there is no fact in denying it!. But I don’t know whether I did was the right thing or no. maybe if I hadn’t confessed we could have remained the same old buddies like till the end of high school but now……….. no assurance of what will change his mind or what he would say tomorrow.

It was dusk by the time I got home. the sky started to get dark n the sun’s light broke into various shades of red ,orange and yellow as the sun touched the horizon. It started to get dark at some places. I always wondered how many colors were mixed in the sky when the sun sets.

I drove my car for a little more while but I kept in mind that I had to get home before 8.00pm as I had to do my political science project. We had a long weekend,3 days of holiday ,Monday was a holiday due to some economic problem in the state. I wandered around for an hour, I thought of going over to Lily’s house but then I striped the idea of my mind. It was a long and not- so- really- good day for me. As it was a holiday, I was getting bored sitting on the internet chatting for hours together and on top of all this I had to finish my project which I have to submit tomorrow and I have not even started with it!!!!what else can go wrong!

I went straight into my room and hit the bed. All I could think of now was Mike and my conversation in the school. I had secretly been crushing on him since a while, I dint know how many days or months that means, but it was for a while .Mike was cute, not exactly a type of handsome but was cute with high cheekbones, perfect lips, small eyes just like a Tibetan I would describe as with a russet skin and golden brown eyes. he was tall and sort of muscular and had a god sense of humour.There was 1 problem or weakness of him ,it was that he dint mingle with people much of other classes until u start talking to him.

It all started in the English class when he came sat beside me because there was no place to sit. It started with that ,I started conversing with him asking him some basic questions and it after a few day we became good friends, always smiling to each other and waving “hi” but then one day Mike entered our class ,I was going out for an instant reason when suddenly he called out in a teasing way “drunken people not allowed in the classroom or nor do they have a permission to go out”.
It hit my head straight, anger shot through me and I screamed at him embarrassing him in front of the whole class. That was it we stopped talking for a while , “Rachael come down for dinner!!!!” my dad called out and I woke from my day dreaming with a jerk.

I have also been very mingling and easy to fit in type of a girl, I was tall with straight black hairs coming down on my face diagonally, honey creamed skin complexion with high cheekbones, and always blabbering kind . a very short tempered ,I would throw tantrums often at anybody because I dint see anything when I get angry and speak what comes to my mind .I dated 2 guys in my past, both of them from my neighborhood , I have always been attractive in my daily wear but somehow not-so-attractive in my uniform!

I went downstairs quietly ,lazily with a varying look on my face which forced my little brother Chip to open his mouth to comment on me. I ignored him and sat down on the chair and quietly had my dinner while my dad and mom were discussing about the strike and some other stuff which I dint feel important to give it a damn ear! Its so boring !

I hit the bed early and drove into a sluggish dream. I woke up with a continuous knock on my door, it was my dad as usual. My alarm never rings at the right time so my dad wakes me up everyday.

School was just as I expected crowded hallway and people chattering and a few cuddling passionately with their partner. I went straight to my locker, which is sort of unusual of me, because the first thing I do is go meet Lilly, Susan and Jen. I was just fiddling with my books when suddenly an unfamiliar hand caught my arm and turned me around gently, I was surprised to see but he had his same old crooked smile over his that made his eyes sparkle and also wondering what I was thinking, it was Mike. He dint let go of me while he spoke softly and introspectively “I gave it a thought, I always do sometimes but this was about our conversation yesterday we had, I realized I like u and I would to go out with you if you wish you, so what do u say?”. I was recovering from my shock and I wanted to say yes but my lips wouldn’t cooperate with so I just smiled. He still dint let go of me, from the corner of my eye I could see Lilly, Susan and Jen were excited and surprised too. something unexpected happened the very next moment, mike bent down and kissed me ,for a second I wanted to back off but then I dint let go I kissed him too passionately, messing up with his hair in my fingers and he running down his fingers through my cheeks, forehead ,hairs…….

The author's comments:
hmm... i hope you like it and this is the first book of mine after the one i had wriiten in class 4.

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