Its Scary!!!... I know

April 21, 2010
By jasmin mun BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
jasmin mun BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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"Believe what you want to believe but be careful of what you believe in." We just got finished this delicious chinese meal. Then we opened our furtune cooke and that was it. "This dont mean shiz", my younger brother cookie (as he likes to be referred to) said. He balled up and put it in his pocket. Rarely ever does anyone listen to these fortunes but tonite you might want to sleep with your eyes open. i was the oldest sister and most wisest.I also had a secret from all my family. Which was the power to make things true. What my brother didnt know was this fortune cookie was a key to his future. I didnt play this on him to be mean, but i did this to teach him how to mature. I mean he's fourteen and he still thinks dinosaurs and unicorns exist. later that night, I was walking by my brother's room he happened to be playing a video game with mario and luigi. He kept talking to the t.v as if it was real. So he believed in this, I winked my eye and the fortune came true. All the sudden what he believed in, came true.

The author's comments:
You have to have an imagination to understand how this works. I love to think of weird things and different ways to say it.

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