A Sad Story

April 10, 2010
Packing his things as quickly and quietly as he could, trying not to wake up his room mate.

Ok; Guitar, tooth brush, plane ticket, extra cash, and my passport. I don’t wanna leave my phone but then again they can track me, so I’ll have to find another way to communicate with Ell.
Well, here’s goodbye.. Sev thought to himself.

Walking in the rain, he’s got just about everything possible flying in and out of his mind. He wants to turn back but its to late, he’s already turned his back on everything and everyone he’s ever known. As he walked past Ellodie’s house he thought about the first time their lips touched, he got chills down his spine and continued on his journey.

Arriving at SeaTac Airport; He thought about goodbyes, how his mother and father both said goodbye to him, how when he lost friends their last words were always “goodbye”. He hates goodbyes, and now he’s saying goodbye to everything he’s ever known. As he takes his first step on to the plane he takes a deep breath and glances at the city one last time. He makes himself promise to never bring up his past and that his past drug addiction is a habit and now a new addiction, he also promises to find true love.
Scene 1: Running Away From Nothingness

3:30a.m. is what his wrist watch read.
“Welcome to Paris, France, it is currently five o’clock pm”, yapped the over caffeinated flight attendant.
As he stepped off the plane, he realized it was storming outside. Sev took one step out into the new strange world and was instantly soaked.
“Taxi”, he called after the yellow cab, the cab driver slammed on his brakes almost causing an accident!
“Oh s***, oops my bad”. He felt kinda embarrassed.
He hopped in the car and told the driver to let him out at the first motel he saw. About a half an hour later the car came to a jolting stop.

“That‘ll be 5o bucks”, the driver snarled.
He passed him the cash an jumped out of the car. The driver sped off into the night.

“Wow, this place is a dump, I guess I‘ll fit right in”, he smiled to himself.
Once he was in the office, the manager appeared.

“Bonjour”, said the manager.

“Hi, sorry I don’t speak French”, Sev said.

“Oh, that’s fine, I hardly can myself”, gratefully said the manager with a sigh of relief.

“Mom! I’m going out, I‘ll be back around ten”, hollered a voice from the back followed by a door slam.

“Teenage girls these days. So how may I help you sir?”

“I‘d like to check into a room please.”

“That‘ll be $48.”

“Ok, well I’m going to be staying for a while so I‘m just gonna pay 200 bucks rite now.”

“Alright, that’s fine, your room is #713, upstairs to your left have a nice night”

“You too, thanks.”

Once he got to his room he swung the door open and dropped his bags by the bed and decided to go explore.
Scene 2: Drinking Lust

About five blocks down the street he found a bar, he walked in an sat down. Over at the pool tables he saw an amazingly beautiful girl about his age an decided to walk over and introduce himself and maybe play a game or two of pool.

“Hi, I’m Sev Ransyn”.

“Hey, nice to meet you I‘m Lyric Baille”, she said with a voice like an angel.

“Do you wanna play a game of pool, with me?”

“Sure, but if you lose, you gotta buy me a drink; Don’t worry about the bartender he doesn’t ask for ID.”

“Haha, sure; How old are you by the way?” He asked suspiciously.

“I‘m sixteen, how about you?” She asked even more suspiciously.

“awh cool, I‘m sixteen, ”

“So where ya from?” Lyric asked very interested.

“Well, I‘m from the U.S.”

“Oh, cool that’s where I‘m originally from too, I was born and partially raised in Napa, California”, she said happily.

“Really?! No way, I was raised in LA but I just moved a few months ago to Tacoma, Washington.”

“Oh that’s amazing ha-ha, we have a lot in common, so then where are you staying”, she asked curiously.

“I‘m staying at “The Starlight Motel”, its about five blocks down the street.”

“Wow, now that’s crazy; That’s where I live, I’m the manager‘s kid.”

“Oh, really.” He had flash backs off earlier when he checked into the motel an heard the girl slam the door.

“Ya ha-ha.”

A few beers and ten shots of tequila later Sev realized he had won the game of pool, he looked over at Lyric, they were both wasted.

“So Lyric, I won the game, what do I get”, he asked with a smile on his face.

“Well, I‘m outta cash so how about a kiss?”
Before he could answer she leaned in an gently kissed him on the cheek.

“That’s fine by me”, he said beginning to blush.

“Haha cool, do you feel like leaving?”

“Ya sure, I am actually kinda tired.”
Scene 3: Wet Dreams
The rain was still coming down hard and neither of them had an umbrella.

“My first night in another country and I think I’m already in love, man this is crazy”, Sev thought to himself.

“Ya know you’re really quiet”, said Lyric.

“Um, ya sorry, I keep to myself most of the time”, Sev said shyly.

“Ya its fine, I‘m kinda the same way but I really try not to be shy because its kind of hard being shy and being a lead singer in a band.”

“No way I usta be lead guitar in my own band back in Tacoma, until I ran away recently”

“Aw that sucks, well you’re welcome to join my band at any time if ya want.”

“well I‘ll think about it”, Sev said as he thought about his old friends.

As they reached the motel Sev was about to walk Lyric to the manager’s office but she insisted on staying the night in his room. Half way up the stairs Lyric began kissing and touching him passionately. They got up to the room and sev began taking off her shirt, just as Lyric began unbuttoning Sev’s pant he jumped out of bed only to realize that it had all been a dream, he laughed at him self for a second and then looked at the clock.

It was 12:30p.m. by the time he had taken a shower and was out the door, on his way to the manager’s office to see if Lyric was just a part of his imagination, although he was sure she was real. As soon as he walked into the office Lyric was already quietly sitting in the office chair reading a book.

“Hey, how’s it goin.”

“Its goin good”, she said with a bright smile on her face.

“So, ummm, what exactly happened last night after we left the bar?” Sev asked nervous to hear what she might say next.
“well..” she said slightly looking in a different direction. “We went to your room an lied down, we talked for a little bit an then I guess we both fell asleep. I left around eight a.m.”

“oh, well then what did we talk about?”
“I actually don’t remember, I was hoping you could tell me, but I guess not haha.”
“Well not to change the subject but I don’t know my way around town and I was hoping you could show me a few kick it spots?”

“Yeah sure thing”, she said happily.
Scene 4: Country Side Conversation
Walking down the country side Sev wondered how they got out of the city so fast, just a few seconds ago there were like a million sky scarpers.

“I was thinking we were going to a night club err something but if alone time is what you wanted then ok”, he said while chuckling slightly.

“As nice as alone time sounds, we are going to a club, its out of town away from the law haha I’m sure you‘ll like it, it‘s one of my favorite places to get away to.”
I wonder if she really kissed me last night Sev thought to himself.
“So what’s the name of the club?”

“It‘s called “On The Moon”, it’s the stoner/raver kick it spot, Ill introduce you to a few people when we get there. You smoke rite?”

“haha ya I was wondering when you were gonna ask me that, I do shroomz an thizz too.”

“Haha cool, well you‘d be killer surprised what kind of stuff they smoke.”
Scene 5: On The Moon

Walking through the black glass doors of the small warehouse he felt like he was in heaven, strobe lights, black lights and everything neon made up this club. Every where he looked all he saw was pills, ganja and shrooms.

“Hey every one this is my friend Sev, be nice and don’t try to poison him.”

People were starring at him from all directions, he could feel their highness lingering in the air that was so smoky he could hardly see 10 feet in front of himself. He found a comfy chair to sit in an plopped down eager to try French weed. Within five minutes a group of about ten people had surrounded him with a five foot tall bong that had an ice chamber and bowl full of THC crystals, Sev’s face lit up with excitement. One two three four hits went by and he felt like he was on his way to the moon, a dude came by with some thizz so Sev popped two of them. About a half hour later he felt like he was on the moon, dizzy as can be he laid back an looked up at the ceiling. He ate some shrooms and then just outta curiosity looked over at Lyric, she had already been looking at him but when he met eye contact with her it broke her gaze. She smiled an quickly looked away. He struggled to walk over to her, when he finally got to her he thanked her for bringing him here an then kissed her on the lips. She didn’t smack him, but she didn’t kiss him back she didn’t even smile she just kinda acknowledged it an then looked away.

“Sev, I like you”, Lyric randomly whispered a few minutes later.

“I think I like you too Lyric”, he said smiling. “And I wanted to tell you that I am interested in playing for you and your band.”

“Wow. Really? That’s great.” She suddenly got the same bright smile from earlier an asked him if he wanted to dance.

“Well, techno isn’t exactly..” She pulled him to the dance floor before he could say no.
They danced the night away.
Scene 6: Meant To Be

The next morning Sev awoke in his motel room with a killer head ache, Lyric by his side.

“I feel kinda weird by saying this because I just met you and I know its kinda random an all but, I like you too”, Sev said in a soft voice.
Lyric looked him in the eyes and smiled. “You have an amazing smile”, Sev said seduced by her beauty.

*Four years later*
Sev and Lyric have been dating for three and a half years, Sev joined her band, they signed with Hopeless Records, Lyric has just found out that she is three months pregnant with Sev‘s baby.

“I think we‘re soul mates”, Lyric said to her mom as she was getting ready to go hang with Sev at “On The Moon”.

“Well when’s his birthday?“ Her mom asked curiously.

“April eighth, why?”

“Oh, well that explains; He‘s an Aries, Virgos and Aries are very compatible”, her mom replied after a brief pause.

“Oh cool”, Lyric answered with a smile. “Well Sev and I are going out tonight so I don‘t know what time we‘ll be back but I‘ll try to call ok?”

“Ok that’s fine, be safe kiddo.”
Lyric walked out the office door and Sev was already waiting for her outside in his new car.

“Hey love”, he called with a smile on his face, “So your moms okay with us going out tonight?”

“Yup. She said that you and I are meant to be.” She said as she leaned over an kissed him.

“Well your mom and I are on the same page”, he said sounding kind of surprised.

“Oh really now? I think we‘re all on the same page.”

“Ok I think you’re rite.” Sev agreed quickly.

Scene 7: Just Say Yes
After driving down the country side to the club as Sev pulled in to the empty lot, he put the car in park and looked over at Lyric.

“I love you”, he said almost hesitant.
There was a short pause before she answered him.

“I love you too”.
They got out of the car and went inside, Sev decided he was only going to drink tonight.
A few hours later Sev walked up to Lyric.

“I wanna be with you for the rest of my days, will you marry me?”

Lyric knew he was drunk, but in her opinion drunk words are sober thoughts. She didn’t know what to say to that hard of a question, she knows her heart will always be with him and she loves him more than life its self; So she replied, “I love you more than anything, of course I‘ll marry you.”

“Than lets do! Lets go to a drive in marriage booth!” He said sounding happier than she had ever heard him sound before.

They left the club to get hitched.
Scene 8: “I Do”
It was an hour drive before they saw a small chapel. Sev pulled in and got out to open his soon to be wife’s door, he carried her in.
The minister asked them the obvious questions about age and if they were realy ready to make a commitment, they both replied with a quick yes.

“Do you, Sev Ransyn, take, Lyric Baille, as your lovely wedded wife?” The minister asked as he read from a little black pocket sized book.

“I do.”

“And do you, Lyric Balle, take, Sev Ransyn, to be your groom?” The minister now looking at Lyric.

“I do.” She answered as a tear came down her cheek.

“You may now kiss the bride.”
With their arms around each other began sharing a passionately kiss to seal their marriage.
Scene 9: Romeo And Juliet
Now on their way home Sev wasn’t completely sober and they began to swerve on the icy roads.
Lyric Screamed, “look out for that tree!”
Sev tried to stop, but it was to late.
They missed the tree, but the car flipped.

“Are you okay?!” Sev panicking over the silence. He looked over at Lyric and notice she wasn’t conscious, he reached over, with his shoulder dislocated, to see if she was breathing. She wasn’t.

“Lyric! No! Don’t leave me! I love you, I’m sorry! Come back!” Sev screamed at the top of his lungs praying for this all to be another dream. If this was a dream he wasn’t waking up. He got out of the car and as gently as he could he pulled her motionless body out of the wrecked car. He sat there for a while as it began to snow lightly, holding her in his arms praying to God, trying to make every thing okay. He told he loved her one last time, he set her laid her down gently and kissed her on the forehead. He walked back to the car and pulled out a hand gun from under the seat. He walked back over to lyric and lied down next to her as close as he could get, he cocked the gun once and held it to his head. He laid there a minute or two before he shot himself in the head side by side with Lyric covered in each other’s blood.

The End<3

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