Driving Drunk

April 22, 2010
By CreativeScript PLATINUM, Port Hardy, Other
CreativeScript PLATINUM, Port Hardy, Other
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"Are you coming tonight?" Angela asked me through text. I was really getting tired of this, but I had to decide now. You see, I was invited to a party.. It's tonight, but it's not all balloons and birthday cake! It's mature, and when I say mature.. I mean that it's not like your 5th birthday. No loop bags, no board games!
Think older, wilder, and crazier. If you can set your mind to this, that is the party I will be attending. "I am, now stop texting in class!" I hit the keys on the phone hard and hit send.

I walked out from my History class, to see Angela rush up to me with this priceless, yet giddy, expression that lay upon her glowing face. "Ahhhhh!" she screeched in the hallway with her excited voice.
"I can't believe you finally decided to come!" she said, hugging me close. Wow. This party must be a big deal.. Is it?
"It's not that big of a deal, Angie." I told her, looking down.
She skipped along, not noticing my glum ways.
Angie is my best friend, always good in school, and the top of everything! She can do anything, I believe she'll do great things in her life! But when she forces random crap on me, like this party. It makes me test our friendship.

"So, any plans tonight, hon?" Mom asked me in her delicate voice. She knows what happens at parties, she gave me her permission...But I don't trust myself.
"The party?" I raised my eyebrow at her. Her mouth slightly dropped in awe. Hah! She was expecting me! Staying home, doing the laundry with her while listening to Dad talk about his Co-workers and how they annoy him to his very core!
I'd rather attend this party, to be honest.
"Mom...I'm going," I hesitated. I wanted her to know that I can handle things without her help.
"Fine. Go. Have fun, and be careful." She warned in a hard tone. Be careful? That was my first priority!

That night, I wore my purple glittering tank top. Along with my lucky LuLu belt, and my jet-black skinny jeans. I did the usual, my make-up, hair, and my jewellery for last. I looked like a million-dollar barbie doll. I was proud, proud that I can be beautiful.

Angie waited for me outside in her silver Porsche. Oh how I was jealous of her and her driver's lisence! And that car! It teased me, it's custom designs teased me so!
We arrived, late, at the party with our purse's strapped to our chests. Angie was confident, I could feel her vibes. I gulped, then proceeded to knock on the rusted red door.
A slim, tall, blonde girl appeared infront of us with a smile that could kill. "Hey girls! Welcome, come in!" She took our purses and hangged them.
Her heels clicked loudly against the tiles of the room.
It was crowded. Too crowded.
"I thought this was kids from school?" I shouted, due to the bursting music in the background!
"I invited some college guys!" She shouted back, then turned to wink at a guy.
"No big deal!" She then lead us to the dancefloor, and went to answer the door again.

It felt like time was frozen, all we did was dance, talk to boys, talk to our classmates, and eat some snacks.
"I'm kinda thirsty," I told Angie, who was dancing with a stranger. I didn't think she heard me, so I went and saw a man handing out bottles of drinks to people.
I took out my wallet and pulled out a twenty. "I'll take a water," I said to him in a sweet voice. They laughed. Laughed like crazy mad-men! "Hey Jon! She thinks we have water!" The stranger named 'Jon' joined in on the laughter. "What are you all drinking?" Jon glared at me. "Certainly NOT water! Ahaha!" They continued, the laughter echoed in my head. It pained me.
"Well, then!" I turned away abruptly!
"Come on, Hunny! We were just playing you! Come buy a drink!" I peaked at them, they were smiling. Pleasantly.
I turned back and pulled out the twenty. "Here's a Vodka, on me." He smerked and hiccuped. "Oh.. I dont.. drink.." I stuttered through in the sentence.
"HAHAHAHA! Then why are you here!?" They all laughed again, I took the drink and left them to rant on.
Angie saw me sitting on the sofa, starring at NOTHING.
"What's that?" she jerked her chin at the bottle. I was compelled to answer. "Vodka...Some boys gave it to me..." I threw it to the side and ignored it like it was the devil and I was resisting it's poison.
"Nice! Lemme at that!" She dived and grabbed the bottle and popped it open like it was nothing! Then, she chugged it. My eyes widened, as Angela Morris took the poison from the devil!
"Angie!" I shouted at her, in my whiny tone. My voice was louder than the music! Then the music stopped and people starred with wary eyes.
Angie didnt pay attention, she was too busy drinking it until the last drop!
The blonde host walked over and said to us, "You two are harshing my zone! We wanna party! And if you two losers can't take it, get out!" She pointed for the door.
I grabbed my purse and left.. But stopped. Something was missing?
Angie! She was drinking more and more! "Angie, we're leaving!" I gave her dagger eyes and almost cried! She'd pick Vodka and BudLight over her best friend? I highly doubt it. But she ignored me again!
"ANGIE!" I tried to grasp her attention. Nothing. So I walked outside into the night.
I sat out on the steps, with my head between my knees...Crying.
A beam of light creaked behind me, it was from the door. Angie. I was hoping she'd come to her senses.
I dried my damp eyes. "Let's go." I whimpered to her.
"Ah. Ah. No, we are- -stayin' girl!" She staggered towards me and hiccuped. "Your breath stinks, Angie!" I exclaimed to her!
"So--You, stinky more!" her eyes flickered and dazed out.
"I WANT TO GO HOME NOW!" I almost started bringing the rain from my eyes again.
"Fine! You can walk!" she moaned, and pulled out a beer.
"I can't walk! It's ten blocks from here!" I cried now. Nothing I could do, but cry it out.
"Okay, don't cry! You silly cry baby! I..Drive..You!" she walked clumsily to the car door and slammed into it. Then got in.
I got in aswell.
Not a good idea, I thought to myself.
"Let's go!" she howled out the window and put the key in, then turned the car on. And we drove into the night...

Her driving was off, not Angie-like. She pulled out a pack!
"Angie!" I growled at her, being the voice of reason.
"Calm down!" she growled back, but harsher. The car swayed and swurved off the road and down the line.
"Get out, you're drunk!" I frowned at my words of truth.
"How about you!" she shouted at me, regecting me!

She finished the pack. And she was posessed by the poison. I didn't know where she was going now! We were on the highway.
"Angie, turn back! You're going the wrong way!" I told her immediately, as soon as I noticed this.
"ROAD TRIP!" She held up her can and let out a 'WOO!'
"Angela, listen. I know I don't have my lisence, but I do know you are in no condition to be driving like this! Let me drive, please!"
I begged her to hand over the wheel!
"Forget it, girl! We're going on a roadtrip!"
I then took out my phone and speed-dialed 'Mom!'
"Mom, please! Angela is driving nuts on the highway! We can't come back! She's...Drunk! Please, I don't know what to do!"
I yelled with a hollow voice into the speaker.
"Hunny, listen to me!" she began..
I nodded, and listened to her. Every word she said, I took in!
Then! Right then! A beam of light came around the curb.
My eyes flickered up in shock! My heart was thudding deep into my chest! I couldn't breathe! Angela was driving to the other lane! No! NO, PLEASE!
"MOM!!" I yelled with my last inch of energy!
Then the line cut off...

The author's comments:
Think twice before you act. Or this could be you, in the future...

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on Jul. 18 2010 at 5:02 pm
yellowflower SILVER, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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great message great story very well written. and powerful!! great job. plz check out my stuff!

on May. 4 2010 at 9:49 pm
JourneyWriter PLATINUM, Joliet, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

-Robert Frost

this has a very powerful message. i really liked it. it opened my eyes. please check out my stuff! ;)

on May. 1 2010 at 2:16 pm
Elle_phant SILVER, Barnsley, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"I love you more today, than yesterday but less than tomorrow." <3
"Lifes a climb, but the veiws great." :)
"Laundry is the only thing that should be seperated by colour." <3
"Age shouldn't matter if the pair truly love each other." :)

Well wrote story. (:


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